Why Does God Let The Wicked Prosper?[5 Reasons Why]

Why does God let the wicked prosper while the righteous suffer? Most Christians and believers have asked this question for quite some time.

If you have been asking the same question, just know that you are not the only one or the first one to ask such a question on why God lest the wicked prosper while God’s chosen people barely scrape by.

In Fact, in the Old Testament, Prophet Jeremiah asked this very same question in Jeremiah 21:1 to God as to why the wicked keep prospering in their evil ways.

He further goes on to complain in the above verse to the Lord as to why He was permitting them to live at ease without facing any justice for their evil ways while the righteous continued to be oppressed.

There are many reasons as to why God permits the wicked to prosper for a season which we may never know as we are not Him because God’s ways are not our ways nor are our thoughts His thoughts ( Isaiah 55:8,9).

I am sure in your own life like myself, you have seen the wicked seemingly prospering in what they do with ease while God’s people struggle to make ends meet.

You need to understand that the wicked can prosper in life for various reasons as prosperity comes in many forms and ways as not every prosperity one has are from God.

With that said, let’s answer the question,” why does God let the wicked prosper?” by looking at what the bible has to say on this matter with reference to bible verses in both the old testament and the new testament.

5 Reasons Why God Let’s The Wicked Prosper.

Below are the 5 reasons why God let’s the wicked prosper to help you understand the nature and character of God and that just because the wicked are prospering doesn’t mean they deserve it.

  • We Live In A Fallen World.
  • The Law Of Sowing & Reaping.
  • God’s Unconditional Love & Goodness.
  • To Test The Faith Of The Righteous.
  • God’s Inherent Nature.

1. We Live In A Fallen World.

One of the major reasons why God allows the wicked to prosper is because we live in a fallen world that’s full of evil, unfairness, and injustice.

As you know, where sin and evil exist, there will always be foul play. Sometimes the wicked prosper not because they deserve it but because of their craftiness.

However, you need to be reminded about what God says concerning the prosperity of the wicked. In Job 20:5 we are told that the triumph and prosperity of the wicked are just but for a moment.

On the other hand, the righteous or God’s chosen people have eternal life found in our Lord Jesus Christ that will enable them to spend eternity with God in heaven, which is much better than the earthy prosperity of the wicked that is temporal.

You also need to bear in mind that since we live in a fallen world that’s full of injustice, people less deserving will at times advance and prosper in life through dubious means but don’t let the prosperity of the wicked discourage you from serving God.

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2. The Law Of Sowing & Reaping.

The other reason why God let the wicked prosper is due to the law of sowing and reaping we read about in Galatians 6:7 that applies to both the wicked and the righteous.

This implies that if the wicked are hardworking and apply all the biblical principles of success, they will succeed in life even if they do all manner of evil things.

On the other hand, if you are righteous and lazy, you won’t succeed and prosper in your secular life and you will be in want if you don’t apply the biblical principles of success.

Perhaps, the above point is one of the major reasons why so many Christians seem to struggle with poverty, as most of them are too lazy to work and expect things to magically change in their lives by faith.

From the onset, you must understand that success and prosperity only come from hard work and diligence. So, if the wicked are hardworking and diligent in their secular work, they will prosper due to the law of sowing and reaping which is universal to all.

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3. God’s Unconditional Love & Goodness.

Sometimes, God lets the wicked prosper because He wants them to experience His unconditional love and goodness so that peradventure they may soften their hearts and come to repentance.

Romans 2:4 tells us that it’s God’s goodness that leads to repentance which is why that verse further tells us not to despise the longsuffering and goodness of God by continuing to live in willful sin and wickedness.

The Bible further tells us in Psalms 145:9 that God is good to all including the wicked and that His mercies extend to everyone which includes the evil doers but that doesn’t mean the wicked will not face God’s judgment if they don’t repent.

So, when God let’s the wicked prosper, He wants them to have a taste of His goodness so that they realize that all the good prosperity they are enjoying is due to God’s goodness extended to them and that He still loves them.

This is why Jesus Christ tells us in Matthews 5:45 that God allows the rain to rain on both the just and the unjust which further explains why God lets the wicked prosper as well as He’s good and loves everyone including evil people beyond measure.

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4. To Test The Faith Of The Righteous.

Believe it or not, at times, God permits the wicked to prosper and have it easy in life to test our faith just as it was in the case of Job whose faith was tested when things were well in his life.

The Lord lets the wicked prosper at times because He wants to see our reaction as to whether we will remain faithful to Him or not especially when things are not going well in our lives while the wicked have it easy.

God wants to see whether we will turn our backs on Him and resort to following the path of evil instead just for the sake of money and prosperity as most people only show loyalty to God when things are smooth sailing in their life.

This test is what clearly separates those who are truly loyal to God regardless of any circumstances from those who are not but only show conditional loyalty and are easily drawn by the wicked to do evil.

When you manage to pass this test as a righteous person, God will reward you exceedingly just as He did to Job in Job 42:1-17, not in this life only but most importantly in the life to come in eternity where you will receive your imperishable crown of life.

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5. God’s Inherent Nature.

Last but not least, God lets the wicked prosper due to his inherent nature of unconditional love, goodness, and mercy that knows no bounds and has no respect for persons.

If God’s goodness and love were only applicable to the righteous, then we would never know what unconditional love means and that God’s love will be nothing special after all as it will be no different from human love, which is always conditional.

God lets the wicked prosper because He loves them. He loves them so much that He wants them to know what it feels like to be loved unconditionally by Him.

He wants us to know that He loves us unconditionally and that we can trust Him with our lives. God gives every person an opportunity at salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ; it’s up to you whether or not you choose it.

If you do choose salvation, then God will provide everything you need for your journey into His kingdom (John 14:1). We can have joy in this life because Jesus Christ has paid the price for our sins so that we can live forever in heaven with Him.


I hope the above post has helped you understand why God allows the wicked to prosper and lets the righteous suffer sometimes.

God allows and lets a wicked person to prosper for many different reasons as we saw above but don’t let this make you envy the prosperity of the wicked which is but for a season.

In closing, if this post was helpful to you, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Godspeed.

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