God’s Love Vs Human Love & Key Differences Between Them

There are many stark differences between God’s love vs human love and in this post, we will explore 7 key differences that differentiate God’s love from natural human love

Love is indeed a powerful force that shapes our lives and relationships. However, there is a distinct difference between God’s love and human love. While human love is often conditional and self-centered, God’s love is unconditional and selfless.

Nowadays, everyone talks about love. You see it in movies and TV shows where everyone talks about falling in love and being in love without understanding what true love is all about.

Moreover, you need to understand that the love that you see portrayed in this world isn’t real love at all. But fleshly human love is based on feelings and emotions which is fleeting.

With that said, let’s explore the 7 key differences between these two forms of love, supported by scriptural references, highlighting the divine attributes of God’s love and the limitations of human love.

What is God’s Love?

God’s love is an incomprehensible and unconditional affection that He extends to all of humanity and goes beyond our understanding.

It encompasses every person, regardless of their actions or worthiness. Scripture reveals that love is not just an attribute of God, but His very essence. In 1 John 4:8, we learn that “God is love,” emphasizing the inseparable connection between God and love.

Romans 5:8 exemplifies the depth of God’s love by highlighting that, even in our sinful state, God made the ultimate sacrifice through Jesus Christ who died for our sins knowing we might not love Him back.

God’s love is not based on our merit or worthiness but is freely given by grace. It is a love that surpasses our understanding and offers salvation and eternal life something human love cannot offer at all.

Also as we see in Ephesians 2:8-9, God’s love is characterized by grace that tells us that we are saved by God’s grace through faith, not by our works. His love is a gift, extended to us out of His abundant grace. It is a love we cannot earn or achieve on our own.

In summary, God’s love is a divine and unconditional affection that surpasses human understanding. It is rooted in God’s very nature and is demonstrated through His grace, steadfastness, and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

You are invited today to experience and share this transformative love with others by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior in your life.

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God’s Love Vs Human Love. 7 Key Differences.

Below are the 7 key differences between God’s love vs human love and why you must seek the former rather than the latter.

  • Unconditional And Selfless.
  • Divine Love Offers Eternal Life.
  • Steadfast And Everlasting.
  • Rooted in God’s Grace.
  • God’s Love Is Sacrificial.
  • God’s Love Meets Our Deepest Needs.
  • God’s Love Never Fails.

1. Unconditional And Selfless.

The first key difference that you will notice between God’s love and human love is the latter is often rooted in conditions and expectations. We tend to love others based on their actions, appearance, what they can do for us, or how they make us feel.

However, God’s love is unconditional and selfless. Implying that, unlike human love, God’s love has no strings attached or selfish interests attached to it.

How many times has someone allegedly told you that they love but when you no longer had something to benefit such people, they abandoned you in cold blood? I am sure you have experienced this countless times.

One thing you need to understand is that as humans in our fallen state, we are naturally brutally selfish and self-centered creatures. This explains why we only want to love others if they benefit us in some way or have something to get from someone.

However, God’s love is not like that which is why Romans 5:8 tells us He loved us even when we are yet sinners unworthy of His all-encompassing divine love. No human can give you such love in this world.

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2. Divine Love Offers Eternal Life.

Another key difference that differentiates God’s love from human love is the former brings about eternal life through Christ Jesus. This is something you can’t get from natural human love.

John 3:16 in the New Testament tells us that God so loved the world so much, that he gave his only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.

And this everlasting life that comes with God’s divine love is what will finally enable you to spend eternity with God, Jesus Christ, and the redeemed saints of all ages in heaven when you leave this world.

On the contrary, the human love that most people desperately seek from others can’t offer you eternal life at all. This is why you must not be desperate for others to love you as they can’t offer you everlasting life.

You need to understand that no matter how good human love may look outwardly, it can’t offer you everlasting life. Nor can it quench the deepest desires you have in your heart to be loved that only God’s love can quench.

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3. Steadfast And Everlasting.

Human love can be very fickle indeed, influenced by external circumstances and emotions. It often fluctuates and fades over time. Nevertheless, God’s love is steadfast and everlasting.

Implying that His love will always be steadfast and everlasting for all eternity no matter what as Jeremiah 31:3 tells us in the old testament even when we disappoint Him.

God’s word reminds us of this wonderful truth in Psalm 136:26 that tells us his steadfast love endures forever. Regardless of what we go through, God’s love remains constant. It is an anchor for our souls, providing us with comfort and security.

On the contrary, you can’t say the same with human love that comes from sinful selfish human beings that seem to change all the time and is not steadfast.

Tell me of any sinful human being who has ever steadfastly loved you even when you least deserved it. I am sure your answer to that question is none. This is why you must not be desperate for human love that can’t satisfy you.

4. Rooted in God’s Grace.

The other difference between God’s unconditional love and human love is while human love may be driven by personal gain or a desire for reciprocity, God’s love is rooted in His grace.

Implying that God’s grace is the unmerited favor He extends to us, despite our shortcomings which is the foundation of His divine love as we know it.

Ephesians 2:8-9 as we saw earlier tells us that it’s by God’s grace and mercy we are saved from the horrific consequences of sin which is death as Romans 6:23 tells us.

God’s love without grace will be incomplete and will make it no different from self-centered human love that can’t show grace at all. Due to this, we as natural humans are incapable of loving others the way God wants us to.

If God’s love is reigning supreme in your life, it will show with the grace you extend to others even when they don’t deserve your grace at all. Yes, humans can be nasty at times, moreover, grace is all about loving the unlovable, anyway.

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5. God’s Love Is Sacrificial.

The ability to sacrifice for others selflessly is another defining trait of God’s love that differentiates it from man’s love that’s never willing to sacrifice at all.

If there is one thing human love hates the most is sacrificing for the benefit of others at one’s expense. This explains why many relationships am marriages are crumbling as many have forgotten what true love is all about.

You need to understand that if you truly love someone, especially your spouse, you will sacrifice for them at your expense just as Jesus Christ did for us on the cross so that we can be saved (1 John 4:9,10).

Sadly, many only claim to love you by word of mouth but aren’t willing to prove it with their actions. These are the limitations that come with human love as it’s only interested in gratifying itself.

If many understood what true love is, marriages and friendships will not be in the deplorable situation there are in now where everyone no is all about what they can get from the other rather than what they can give sacrificially.

6. God’s Love Meets Our Deepest Needs.

Another key difference between God’s love and natural human love is the former is the only one that can meet the deepest needs be it physical, spiritual, and emotional as well as the desires of our soul to be loved (Philippians 4:19).

While the latter, no matter how good it may appear outwardly, cannot meet and satisfy the deepest needs we have that only the love of Christ Jesus can meet and satisfy.

Once you understand this important fact, you will no longer in vain seek to be desperately loved by others as you know, no human love can meet your deepest needs that only God can meet.

God’s love is all you need dear to feel completely loved and valued. Human love will never give you that satisfaction and contentment you vainly seek by wanting to be loved by others at all costs.

Your desire to be loved can only be quenched by the pure love of God that streams from His holy throne of grace. One pin drop of God’s love is all you need to feel loved which all the love from all the humans in this world combined can’t do.

7. God’s Love Never Fails.

Last but not least, God’s love unlike human love will never fail you no matter what. Sadly, the same cannot be said with natural human love that will fail you when it matters the most.

How many times have people told you that they love you but when things got rough in your life, they failed to prove that love to you by abandoning you to your fate or giving up on you?

In 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, we are told that God’s agape love doesn’t fail under any circumstance in addition to it being longsuffering and not giving up. If many have this love for others all the relationship problems, we have today will be history.

The reason why many marriages and friendships are failing today is many don’t have God’s love reigning in their hearts, to begin with. Instead, selfish and self-centered sinful human love is what most have.

If you have God’s love in your heart, it won’t fail and you won’t give up on others easily especially when they’re at the moment when they need your love and kindness the most.

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In summary, the differences between God’s love and human love are profound. God’s love is unconditional, selfless, and offers us the gift of eternal life. It is steadfast, rooted in His grace, and exemplifies His divine attributes.

On the other hand, human love is often conditional, self-centered, selfish, and seeks its self-interests or benefits. My prayer is that God’s love reign in your life so that you can selflessly love others as God first loved you.

In closing, if this post has edified you to be more loving to others, drop a comment below and let me know which of the above points resonated with you mostly. God bless and don’t forget to share before you leave.

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