12 Characteristics Of God’s Grace That Brings Salvation.

In the last post, I discussed the characteristics of God’s mercy, which I recommend you check out as well. Today, I will progress to now discuss the 12 characteristics of God’s grace that make His grace special.

Since the fall of our first parents in the Garden of Eden from grace in Genesis 3:1-24 in the Old Testament, it necessitated the need for God’s grace if humanity was to be redeemed.

The Lord would have easily destroyed Adam and Eve right on the spot when they sinned but He didn’t because He’s rich in love, grace, and mercy which is why He gave our first parents a second chance to get right with Him.

This same grace has been extended to all of us as we are all sinners by birth in dire need of grace that brings about salvation, eternal life, forgiveness, and remission of our sins.

Without God’s grace, none of us would be alive today which is why you must not take God’s grace for granted by continuing to live in willful sin on the pretext that we are under grace and not the law.

Having said that, let’s look at the 12 major Characteristics of God’s grace that makes it possible for any sinner regardless of the gravity of sin to obtain salvation and forgiveness of sins through our Lord Jesus Christ.

12 Divine Attributes Of God’s Grace.

Below are the 12 divine attributes of God’s divine grace He’s made possible via His Son, Jesus Christ that makes salvation possible though we don’t deserve it.

  • Grace Is Patient.
  • Teaches Us To Deny Sin.
  • Grace Is Longsuffering.
  • Makes Forgiveness Of Sins Possible.
  • Grace Is Based On God’s Love.
  • Brings About Salvation.
  • Unmerited.
  • It’s A Free Gift.
  • Makes Holy Living Possible.
  • It’s Faith-Based.
  • Grace Brings Restoration.
  • It’s Universal.

1. Grace Is Patient.

One of the diving attributes of God’s grace is that it’s patient explaining why God never punishes you for your sins committed immediately as He’s giving you the chance to repent before it’s too late.

Without this divine attribute of patience, you and I wouldn’t be breathing today. God’s grace is the reason why this world despite the increase of sin in it day by day hasn’t been judged yet.

2. Teaches Us To Deny Sin.

Titus 2:11, 12 tells us that God’s grace that brings salvation and teaches one to deny sin and all forms of ungodliness and worldly lusts has been made available to everyone.

If God’s grace is upon your life, you won’t live in perpetual and habitual sin. Sadly, many have mistaken grace as a license to sin. Just know that if you are still living in habitual sin, God’s grace isn’t yet in your life.

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3. Grace Is Longsuffering.

Another vital trait of God’s grace that is similar to love is that it suffers long and never gives up easily. The longsuffering attribute of God’s divine grace is what makes it possible for everyone to get a second chance even after years of one living in sin.

It’s why we are told in 2 Peter 3:9 in the new testament that the Lord is patient and long-suffering, not willing that any should perish but all come to repentance through Christ Jesus.

If God wasn’t longsuffering with us, He would have eliminated all of us a long time ago and this earth will be empty with no human inhabitants at all.

4. Makes Forgiveness Of Sins Possible.

The reason why any sinner can obtain forgiveness and remission of sins today is because of God’s grace that has been made available through Jesus Christ.

Considering that we are all sinners deserving of death as Romans 6:23 tells us in the New Testament, God’s grace flips this around and offers a way to escape death through Christ Jesus.

Without grace, the forgiveness of our sins wouldn’t be possible as we all would have to pay the penalty of our sins in hell which is just as sin deserves punishment but grace make it possible to escape this fate through Jesus’ death on the cross.

5. Grace Is Based On God’s Love.

You can’t talk about God’s grace without including God’s love in the equation as, without love, there is no grace. God’s divine grace is the product of His divine undeserved love He shows us.

Since the Lord loves us with everlasting love as Jeremiah 31:3 tells us, He shows us grace even when we don’t deserve it at all which is what grace is all about, anyway. If grace were deserved, none would afford it.

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6. Brings About Salvation.

God’s grace Titus 2:11 talks about the reason why we can be saved today if we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and savior. Since we are all born sinners deserving of hell, something had to be done to redeem us.

Since God is rich in love, grace, mercy, and compassion as Ephesians 2:4 tell us, He sent His Son to die a terrible death for our sins to make salvation possible even when we didn’t deserve it, knowing we might not love Him back.

Without grace, all of us would be hopeless and eternally doomed for hellfire. But God’s grace has made it possible for us to be saved from sin and the wrath to come. If you are not saved yet, I encourage you to be saved today.

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7. Unmerited.

Another characteristic of God’s grace is that it’s unmerited. Implying that we can’t earn God’s grace through our good works or good deeds as they can never be enough (Ephesians 2:8,9).

Since God’s grace is unmerited, it’s why everyone, no matter how horrible they are can partake of God’s grace and enjoy God’s goodness today as well as obtain salvation through Christ Jesus.

If grace was merited, then, one of us would qualify for the grace of the Lord as none of us can be good enough to meet God’s standards of goodness since we are fallen creatures under the curse of sin.

8. It’s A Free Gift.

God’s grace is also a free gift which implies that it’s something we cannot earn with money or our good works but something God gives out of the abundance of His love because of Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 5:1-2).

Being a free gift, grace enables everyone whether rich or poor be a partaker of it as grace is not dependent on the social status of a person. If grace wasn’t a free gift, only rich people would access it.

9. Makes Holy Living Possible.

Grace also makes it possible for one to live a life characterized by holiness and righteousness that the Lord commands us in 1 Peter 1:16 as followers of Christ because we have been given power over sin through His Holy Spirit.

Without grace, none of us can live a holy life that’s above sin and pleases God because we can’t overcome the power of sin by our own strength as we are fallen creatures born with a sinful nature that can only be overcome by grace.

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10. It’s Faith-Based.

You need to have faith for you to receive the grace of the Lord of which we are saved as Ephesians 2:8,9 tells us. If you don’t have faith, you won’t be able to partake of God’s grace, later alone get saved.

God’s grace just like prayer also operates by faith as you need to believe in your heart by faith to receive it even when you think you are unworthy of it as grace is the unmerited favor we all get and not something we earn via good deeds.

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11. Grace Brings Restoration.

Another important attribute of the grace of the Lord is that it brings restoration. Implying that even if you are a backslider, you can still be fully restored today just as King David was in the Old Testament after committing adultery (Psalms 51:1-10).

This also means if you are still a sinner living in sin, God’s grace can help you be transformed into a saint and a new creation in Christ Jesus with a new life.

God’s grace is what in the future will enable all redeemed saints to be fully restored to our original unfallen state when we enter heaven with new glorified bodies that will forever be free from sin.

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12. It’s Universal.

Last but not least, God’s grace is universal. Implying that there are no exceptions to God’s grace; no man or woman, whether great or small, rich or poor, high, low, educated or uneducated is exempt from His grace.

We are all candidates of God’s grace because we are all sinners regardless of race or social class that needs to be redeemed from sin.

Being universal, it implies that grace is in every country on earth. It’s why Titus 2:11 tells us that God’s grace that brings salvation has been made available to everyone regardless of race or class.


I hope the above 12 characteristics of God’s grace will help you appreciate God’s grace even more as a believer in your Christian life and not take it for granted.

To sum up, God’s grace is the reason why you are alive today and if you are not saved yet, be saved today and don’t waste God’s grace He’s showing you now before it’s too late.

In closing, if this post was edifying to you, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave for others to benefit as well. Stay blessed.

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