How To Overcome Sexual Immorality (In 5 Easy Steps Today)

In this post today, you are going to find out how to overcome sexual immorality and any sexual sin you may be struggling with in your life once and for all.

Overcoming sexual sin or sexual immorality can be a challenge and is a challenge for most people desiring to pursue sexual purity in their Christian lives.

Many people who are victims of sexual sin such as pornography or fornication wonder if it’s possible to be free from it or overcome any sexual temptation they have fallen into many times even if they have tried many times to do so.

If you are such a person, remember, you are not the only one struggling to overcome sexual temptation or sexual immorality as this is a huge problem among many young people in the church today.

This is why I have written this post for you that will help you overcome any sexual temptation and the sexual sin that you are a slave of once and for all only if you are willing to follow the steps outlined below to the tea.

The problem of sexual immorality and how it’s destroying many lives isn’t something new. In both the Old Testament and the New Testament sexual immorality has always been an issue since the fall of man.

With that said, let’s look at how to overcome sexual immorality that has ravaged many young people’s lives and stolen their glorious future once and for all.

5 Effective Ways Of Overcoming Sexual Sin.

Below are the 5 practical and effective ways that will help you overcome the sexual sin and sexual lust that has ruined many young people’s lives.

  • Be Truly Born Again ASAP.
  • Avoid Immoral Relationships.
  • Pray For Grace In This Area.
  • Read God’s Word Daily.
  • Be Careful With The Opposite Sex.

1. Be Truly Born Again ASAP.

The first thing you need to do to overcome any sexual sin or sexual addiction you may be struggling with right now is to first become truly born again with the new birth experience by repenting of your immoral sinful lifestyle.

Being born again is important because it’s what will enable you to have the new nature of Christ Jesus that Ephesians 4:24 talks about created in the likeness of God that will enable you to no longer fulfill the sinful desires of the flesh that include sex before marriage.

When you become born again truly, that old sinful nature you are naturally born with that makes you desire to commit sexual sin or have sex before marriage will be done away with and replaced with the new nature of Jesus Christ.

Only when you have this new nature of our Lord Jesus Christ that is holy and pure will you no longer desire to fulfill the sinful desires of the flesh by indulging in fornication or premarital sex most indulge in.

If you are not truly born again yet, the old nature of sin will still be active in your life, which will make you fulfill the lust of the flesh and make it hard to overcome this type of sin. So be truly born again today if you are not.

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2. Avoid Immoral Relationships.

If you are serious about overcoming sexual immorality in your Christian life as a believer, you need to cut off any immoral sinful girlfriend and boyfriend relationship you may have that acted as a magnet to your sexual temptation to sin.

The major reason why most people fail to overcome their sexual sin is that they are not yet willing to let go of their sinful and immoral girlfriend and boyfriend relationship there are in that makes it easy for them to fall into fornication.

Immoral boyfriend and girlfriend relationships are one of the examples of youthful lusts the apostle Paul tells us to flee from in 2 Timothy 2:22.

So, if you are in an immoral girlfriend and boyfriend relationship right now that’s making it easy for you to fall into sexual sin and makes it hard to maintain your sexual purity, I encourage you to cut off that relationship immediately.

Only when you do that will overcoming sexual immorality be easier for you. You need to understand that you are a human being with sexual urges and feelings that get triggered easily if you are with the opposite sex.

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3. Pray For Grace In This Area.

The third thing you need to do that will help you overcome any sexual sin in your life be it sexual immorality, adultery, pornography, or other sexual perversions is prayer as prayer has power.

God’s word tells us in Titus 2:11 that God’s grace that brings salvation and God’s forgiveness of sins has appeared to everyone. It’s this grace that will help you deny all ungodliness and worldly lusts that make it easier for you to fall into sexual temptation.

Therefore, if you are struggling to overcome the evil desire of sexual lust with the opposite sex, all you need to pray and ask Jesus Christ to give you the grace you need to overcome any sexual temptation in your life that has overcome you repeatedly.

Remember, it’s only by God’s grace through prayer will you be able to overcome sexual immorality as this type of sin cannot be overcome by your own strength as it’s the issue of the heart only God can deal with.

Prayer is what will give you the grace to overcome any lustful sexual urges you may be struggling with to commit fornication and help you cut off any sinful immoral relationships that make it easier for you to dishonor your sexuality and body.

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4. Read God’s Word Daily.

Reading and saturating yourself with God’s word apart from prayer can go a long way in helping you overcome sexual immorality in your life you may be struggling with.

God’s word helps you overcome sexual immorality as it renews your mind daily and helps you take captive any sinful, evil, and impure thoughts you may be struggling to overcome by renewing your mind.

Romans 12:2 tells us that we must be transformed through the renewing of our mind in Christ Jesus, which can only happen if you saturate your mind with God’s word.

If you develop a habit of reading your bible daily, you will begin to develop a pattern of godly thoughts and begin to get rid of any lustful thoughts of impurity that make you think of defiling yourself sexually.

It’s by having a transformed mind conformed to the image of Jesus Christ through the renewing power of the Holy Spirit that will enable you to stop entertaining evil lustful thoughts toward the opposite sex.

5. Be Careful With The Opposite Sex.

Last but not least, if you are to overcome the sin of sexual immorality, you need to mind how you conduct yourself around the opposite sex to avoid triggering evil sexual urges and lustful desires that make you want to defile yourself sexually.

Implying that, you need to mind the conversations you have with the opposite sex and avoid filthy discussions that stir up evil sexual thoughts and passions that make you want to commit sexual sin.

Additionally, you need to avoid secluded places with the opposite sex that will make it easier for you to fall into sexual temptation. Sadly, most people are very careless with the way they conduct themselves with the opposite sex.

You need to understand that you are human with hormones and sexual feelings that can be triggered easily at the wrong time if you are careless with the opposite sex.

The Bible tells us in 1 Timothy 5:2 that we need to treat younger women, especially as brothers with all purity. Implying that we must treat each other as brother and sister in the Lord and avoid situations that make it easy to fall into sexual temptation.


I hope the above post on how to overcome sexual immorality and any sexual sins you may be struggling with will now help you overcome fornication finally.

If you are struggling with lust, sexual sin, or impure sexual thoughts towards the opposite sex, you can repent today and ask God to forgive you and to give you the grace not to sin again.

In closing, if this post, edified you to pursue sexual purity more than ever before, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Godspeed.

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  1. Paul was very clear, it is better to marry than to burn. It is sad the church keeps trying to make getting married a purity issue. It isn’t. Paul is clear, the ONLY way to control these desires is to get married. The church should be teaching about how to choose a spouse, not trying to control these desires outside of marriage. Paul had a practical way of dealing with fornication, get married.

    • That’s partly true but people need to be told the importance of saving themselves for marriage and why sexul purity is vital. Thanks for chiming in. God bless.


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