7 Must-Have Characteristics Of A Godly Husband.

There are many characteristics of a godly husband the bible mentions and in this post, we shall look at 7 of these major traits a godly husband possesses to look out for as a godly woman.

Marrying a godly husband as a Christian wife is one of the biggest blessings you will have here on earth. On the other hand, if your husband is ungodly, your marriage will be a living nightmare on earth.

So, if you are a wife looking for godly characteristics in a future husband, then this post is all you need at it will spill all the beans you need to know concerning the traits a truly godly husband must have without fail.

With that said, let’s look at these 7 must-have characteristics of a godly husband that will help you decipher with certainty so that you can know if your husband is godly or not.

7 Traits Of A Godly Husband.

Below are the 7 character traits of a godly husband as a godly wife you must be on a lookout for to help you know if your husband is godly or not.

  • Has Godly Character.
  • Loves God.
  • Loves His Wife As Christ Loves The Church.
  • A Spiritual Leader In The Home
  • Good Provider.
  • Sweet And Tenderhearted To His Wife.
  • Faithful.

1. Has Godly Character.

A godly husband possesses a godly character that makes him pleasant to his wife and everyone in the family and it’s this godly character that makes a godly man attractive and have all the essential qualities expected of a godly spouse.

On the other hand, if a husband lacks godly character, he will not love and treat his wife the way he ought to. Lack of godly character is the reason why many weak men are physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive to their wives.

So, if your husband is being abusive in any form, just know he lacks godly character in his life which is why he treats you the way he does due to demonic influence on him.

You must understand that as a Christian wife if your husband truly loves you, he won’t be abusive to you in any way. If he is, then, your hubby has massive character flaws God has yet to sort out in your man.

A man with a Christ-like godly character will never raise his hand on you or verbally abuse you with his words because Jesus Christ was never abusive to women in any way. Only a weak and insecure man will abuse his wife, period.

2. Loves God.

Another trait a godly man who’s a good husband to his darling wife will have is he will love God above anything or anyone else including his wife and children as commanded in Mark 12:30,31 in the New Testament.

Loving God as a Christian husband and putting Him first is what will enable you as a godly man in a godly marriage to love your wife and children the way you ought to and the way Jesus Christ expects you to.

If your relationship and love for God as a man is severed, that will also reflect in your marriage and family life by the way you treat your wife and children at home.

This will explain why you may no longer be loving and affectionate to your wife as you used to be as you can’t claim to love God if you don’t love your wife.

If you truly love God, your love for Him will reflect in how you love and treat your wife and children at home when no one is watching you which will be the litmus test to see if your love is genuine or not.

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3. Loves His Wife As Christ Loves The Church.

In Ephesians 5:25, we are told that husbands ought to love their wives as Christ loved the church by giving Himself for her so that the church can be sanctified by His love and word.

To Love your wife as Christ loved the church as a godly husband simply means sacrificially and unconditionally loving your wife despite her imperfections. No woman in this world will compete with your wife who must be your number one priority

Implying, that if you are a good husband, you must be willing to sacrifice and lay down your life for the sake of your wife’s well-being in marriage instead of selfishly loving her because of what you want to get from her be it sex or whatever.

Sadly, many so-called Christian men are not obeying the above verse which is why many are insensitive, selfish, abusive to their wives, and are only affectionate to their wives if they want their sexual needs met in marriage.

This ought not to be so, if you claim to be a godly husband, the love you must have for your wife must be Christ-like which is selfless, nurturing, kind, tender, and unconditional.

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4. A Spiritual Leader In The Home

A godly husband is also a spiritual leader in the home and doesn’t neglect the primary responsibility of being the head of the house as he’s commanded in Ephesians 5:23.

If you are a godly husband reading this, you need to understand that being the head of the family in your marriage relationship is your primary responsibility and mandate.

Implying that as a godly man, you must lead your wife and children in a godly way and teach them the ways of God. Your wife must be confident in your leadership qualities and trust that you can lead the home in the right way.

Conversely, if you neglect this divine responsibility as a man, your marriage will suffer which sadly is the case with many men today who can’t be spiritual leaders in their families to rightly lead their wives and children due to one reason or another.

As a man, you need to take charge in leading your Christian wife who has chosen to trust your godly leadership in the home if your marriage is to function the way it ought to.

5. Good Provider.

Another trait that characterizes a godly husband is that he’s a good provider of the home and will go above and beyond to ensure that his home is well-fed and provided for.

1 Timothy 5:8 commands husbands to be good providers in the home and if they neglect that great responsibility they have, they are worse than an infidel and have denied the faith.

Unfortunately, many selfish and irresponsible husbands who are ungodly are not good providers of their own homes but they always have money to waste on drinking, gambling, and side chicks.

A godly man and husband on the other hand always ensures that his family is well-fed and provided for and he takes pride and joy in doing that.

As a wife, if your husband is not stepping up to be the provider of your home, you need to pray for him so that he can step in on his primary responsibility of ensuring he provides for the home.

6. Sweet And Tenderhearted To His Wife.

Being sweet and tenderhearted to your only wedded wife is another godly characteristic you will have if you are truly a godly husband.

By being loving and tenderhearted to your wife as Colossians 3:19 commands all husbands to be to their wives, it means that you will be sweet to your wife and you will be a person your wife will love to be around.

Christian husbands professing the Christian faith will not be harsh, cruel, unkind, and abusive to their wives. Instead, will garnish their wives with sweet, selfless, and tender love.

If you are not loving and tenderhearted to your wife, the person who lives with you, shares the same bed with you, and knows the most intimate flaws you have that even your friends don’t know, who are you going to truly love in this life?

Abusive husbands out there, I am speaking to you today and you must be ashamed of your shameful abusive behavior towards your wives who are doing everything in their power to please you and repent of it before God deals with you.

7. Faithful.

Last but not least husbands who are godly and exhibit Christ’s love to their darling wives will be chaste and faithful to their lawfully wedded wives just as Christ Jesus is faithful to His church.

Physical or emotional infidelity has no place in the life of a husband professing to be a Christian. Faithfulness and fidelity towards your wife in all things will be the hallmark of your character as a godly man.

A godly husband will not go behind a wife’s back and shamelessly start banging and knocking up other women to satisfy his inordinate sexual lusts and desires.

Sadly, this is what’s happening in church today. I am sure you hear and witness countless stories of so-called weak promiscuous Christian husbands cheating and having affairs behind their wives’ backs.

On the contrary, a noble husband with godly wisdom and chastity won’t seek sexual nourishment and fulfillment outside his matrimonial bed by defiling his marriage bed which God condemns (Heb 13:4).


I hope the above 7 major characteristics of a godly husband will now help you as a Christian woman or wife to understand what traits someone who claims to be a godly husband needs to have.

As a Christian man who’s not married yet, I hope the above traits have now helped you know and understand what being a godly husband is all about.

In closing, if this post has been a blessing to you, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave especially to men who need to see this. God bless.

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