How To Regain The Holy Spirit If You Backslid? [+ Sermon]

The question on how to regain the Holy Spirit especially after you have fallen from grace and gone back to sin is the question that most backslidden Christians who want restoration ask.

There are several reasons why the Holy Spirit can leave a person such as sin or backsliding as the Holy Spirit cannot dwell in the presence of sin or in the life of a backslider.

As a Christian, you can at times backslide, fall from grace, or stop going to church due to carelessness and lose the Holy Spirit in the process. However, the good news is that if you have backslid, you can still regain the Holy Spirit back into your Christian life.

And this can be made possible through genuine repentance from your sins and turning back to God as this post will show you the 5 simple steps on how to regain the Holy Spirit especially if you backslide and went back into sin.

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Reasons The Holy Spirit Leaves A Person?

One of the major reasons as to why the Holy Spirit leaves someone is sin as earlier stated or when a person backslides, falls from grace and loses their salvation.

This is why Ephesians 4:30 say that we must not grieve the Holy Spirit of God as believers and one of the ways you can grieve the Holy Ghost as a believer is by indulging in sin and not listening to His warnings.

In addition, if you remain stubborn and adamant to the correction of the Holy Spirit, He will be grieved and end up leaving you eventually if you continue sinning despite being warned several times by Him.

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5 Steps To Take To Regain The Holy Spirit.

Below are 5 simple steps you need to take to regain the Holy Spirit in your life if you realize that He’s left you due to sin or backsliding.

  • Repent.
  • Confess Your Sins.
  • Ask God To Fill You With His Spirit Again.
  • Spend Time With Other Believers In Fellowship.
  • Don’t Return To Your Old Sinful Ways.

1. Repent.

The first step you need to take to regain the Holy Spirit back into your life is to repent of your backsliding and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to restore you unto Himself (Acts 2:38).

If you want the Holy Ghost back into your life, you need to once again truly repent of your backsliding and the sins you may once again have fallen back into.

You need to go on your knees and ask the Holy Spirit to convict you of the sins you may have gotten back into knowing and unknowingly so that you can truly repent of them as well as confessing and forsaking them.

Remember, your repentance needs to be genuine if you want real restoration and if your repentance isn’t genuine and coming from the heart, full restoration won’t occur and you will still wallow in the sins you have fallen into.

Only then, will the Holy Spirit come back into your life and once again restore and renew you from the inside (Titus 3:5-7) so that you can become an even stronger Christian than you were at the beginning.

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2. Confess Your Sins.

The second step you must take to regain the Holy Spirit is to confess your sins as by confessing and forsaking your sins is how you obtain mercy and pardon for your sins ( Proverbs 28:13).

By confessing your sins, you show how truly sorry you are for the sins you have committed as sin grieves the Holy Ghost, which is one of the major reasons He leaves.

Remember, as 2 Corinthians 7:10 says, godly sorrow is what leads to true repentance which later leads you to genuine salvation. If you don’t confess your sins as well as forsake them, it clearly shows that you are not truly sorry for your sins but still take pleasure in them.

This is the reason that most believers have. A sinner’s prayer alone isn’t enough. You need to make a deliberate effort on your part to forsake your evil and sinful ways (Isaiah 55:7). Only then, will you receive pardon from the Lord Jesus Christ for your sins.

It’s only when genuine confession of your sins has taken place after truly repenting of your sins by changing your mind towards sin and returning to God will you fully be restored and regain the Holy Spirit you lost due to falling into sin.

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3. Ask God To Fill You With His Spirit Again.

Another thing you need to do if you want the Holy Ghost back into your life after falling from grace or backsliding is that you need to ask Jesus Christ to impart a new spirit within you.

In Ezekiel 36:26, the Lord promises to give us a new spirit that will enable us to be like Him in character so that we can love Him and obey His word.

It’s only if you have been filled by His Spirit will obeying God’s word become possible and easy to do because you now be waking after the Spirit and not the flesh as our carnal sinful flesh cannot please God.

If you are not filled with the Spirit of Christ Jesus, you will please the flesh and not please the Holy Spirit, as you will be walking after the flesh due to your carnal nature that hasn’t been dealt with yet.

So, you need to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to fill you with His Spirit so that you don’t do sinful things that will make the Holy Spirit leave you as it’s His Spirit that will enable you to live a life of holiness that will attract His presence.

4. Spend Time With Other Believers In Fellowship.

If you want the presence of the Holy Spirit to be back in your Christian life, you need to spend time fellowshipping with other believers in Christ who will edify you in the things of the Lord.

Doing so will help you avoid the bad company of unbelievers and sinners who might want to make you stray from God and make you start practising the evil they are doing.

There are many ways you can fellowship with other believers in Christ and one of them is going to church where you can meet together and encourage each other in the things of God.

Remember, the Holy Spirit enjoys being in the presence of believers of the same Christian faith which is why we are told in Hebrews 10:25 that we must not forsake the assembling of one another as believers in Christ and the manner of some is.

Therefore, you need to find a church where you can congregate and fellowship with other believers in Christ Jesus who have the same faith as you because there are many benefits of doing so.

5. Don’t Return To Your Old Sinful Ways.

Last but not least, after doing the above four steps, you need to resolve and purpose in your heart just as Daniel did in the old testament in Daniel 1:8 that he will not defile himself with sin to not go back to your old sins.

You must remember that you can’t live in sin and have the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life at the same time as the two can’t co-exist because light and darkness can’t be together.

Sadly, most believers choose to return to their old sinful ways, which is why they can’t feel the presence of God’s Spirit in their lives.

If you want the presence of the Holy Spirit who guides one into all truth to be in your life, you need to keep sin as far away as possible from your Christian life after being restored and follow righteousness.

On the other hand, if you choose to abandon your Christian faith again and return to your old sins like a dog returning to its vomit even after repenting of them, He will have nothing to do with you.

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I hope the above post on how to regain the Holy Spirit after you have backslid will now help you come to repentance and salvation so that the presence of the Lord which departed from you when you went back into sin can be back again in your Christian life. In closing, if this post was beneficial to you, let me know in the comments below as well as the questions you might have on what you have read. Stay blessed and don’t forget to share.

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26 thoughts on “How To Regain The Holy Spirit If You Backslid? [+ Sermon]”

  1. Hi I need help, I have sinned and I think the holy spirit has left me.
    I don’t desire and crave to read the bible,to pray, to repent, and I can’t feel the holy spirit in me anymore and the presence of God and the holy spirit.
    How do I repent if the holy spirit has left me because it’s the holy spirit who leads me to repentance and I do not feel sorrow, guilty, or pain of my sin.
    Please help!

    • Thanks for your question. If you want to be truly respired, you need to genuinely repent and have a repentant heart of being sorry for your sins and vow to God that you don’t want anything to do with sin anymore and that you need His help and grace to help you have victory over sin as you can’t overcome the power of sin by your own strength. Only by God’s grace will you be able to overcome any sin that has made you captive. Just keep praying and mean it in your heart that you won’t go back to sin. Once you do that, you should be restored in no time. If you do that, Gd’s Spirit will return in your life. God bless hope my response was of great help to you.

    • Glad you found this post helpful. If you want to truly stop sinning, you need to ensure your repentance is genuine and coming from your heart with a true desire of not desiring to sin again. Only then, will you be freed from the power of sin that has enslaved you. Hope this helps and God bless.

  2. I’m sure l lost the Holy Spirit. I feel like my brain is being drained and my thoughts jumbled. This is after l had been walking with God and then went back to my family who took me to Satanic shrines and had rituals done on me. I don’t know what else to do

  3. I have searched for this answer for the last 3 or 4 years and could not find the answers I was looking for. I did not expect to find it but the Lord will show you they will when you are truly ready for it. Than you much

  4. Thank you so much for the assurance that I can get the Holy Spirit back when I repent. I struggle with being too harsh on my grandchildren, I easily get irritated. I always feel very bad after hitting them, and they are so young and innocent.

    • Glad you found this post helpful and just pray for the Lord to give you a loving and a gentle heart to your grand children so that you can be more kind to them.

  5. I ignored Gods warnings to me for a long time and then got to the place where I could tell he had withdrew from me… I felt snd feel that I list all strength, power, peace and am worse now than before I was saved. I was and am very sad that I didn’t listen. I d tried for 10 + years to be restored. Actually when I finally did stop sinning and turned back to God/ something terrible had happened to me. I cannot handle things like I used to be able to. My littje boy who was 4 at the time/ I couldn’t even raise him anymore- him just getting close to me would put me on edge… I have struggled to work, and all my relationships suffer- it’s like the peace is completely gone from my life. I cannot handle many sounds, or noises at all – and am no longer able to stay up past 9 pmalmost… anyways when I did come back I asked God if I had indeed lost Him and that evening a message from Dr David zJeremiah cone in the radio talking about Heb 6:4 and how it’s possible to lose him by sinning against him. He stated that if lost- you cannot get Him back. You cannot be saved again. He’s already done everything Hd could to save you & you wouldn’t repent and continued hard hearted against him. I honestly don’t know if that was God showing me to get right- or telling me yeah I left you. I cannot begin to explain the absolute terror and horribleness of losing Him.

  6. I’ve just recently started feeling like the Holy Spirit left me, I got mad at God when I wanted to sin but i felt so mad because I couldn’t. I prayed a sinner’s prayer but i said it very sarcastically and mad. And now I feel like i lost him even physically. I wake up at 3 am because I can’t sleep, It’s that bad. But please read that i’m finding it hard to believe in Jesus too, Like if He did all the things He did. But i want to believe, But I also feel like I don’t want to believe. Please help

    • Prayer and godly sorrow for your sins is what will help you get out of your backslidden sinful state, dear. Just cry out to the Lord and say you are sorry for going back into sin and promise the Lord to go and sin no more and by His grace, it’s possible to be free from sin and the evils of this fallen world which will eventually perish. God bless and may the Lord restore you soon.

  7. i know it’s bad but if it makes since I want to have a desire to repent and live a holy life, Can i make myself have true repentance or does God gift you with it.

    • True repentance only comes when you truly believe on the Lord Jesus Christ by faith that He can save you. Of course, you can’t repent on your own as it requires God’s grace to deny sin. Juts pray by faith for God to give you a repentant heart and godly sorrow for your sins and you will be restored in no time and remember, we are only saved by grace through faith not by our works as we can’t earn our salvation by our good works or our own efforts. Hope that helps.

  8. it i do know sin is wrong and not believing in Jesus is horrible and you go to hell. I want to believe and come to Jesus but i stress if i truly believe too.

    • Then, believe in Him today and you shall be saved. Only you is stopping yourself from being saved as today is the day of salvation as tomorrow isn’t promised. Hope that’s a wakeup call for your to be truly saved as soon as possible. God bless.


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