To Suffer For Christ Is Gain Real Meaning & Benefits.

What does the statement,” to suffer for Christ is gain really mean?” this is what this post will look at today as it pertains to us as believers in Christ Jesus.

In Philippians 1:29 in the new testament, the apostle Paul tells us that we must be willing to suffer for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ if we truly believe in Him and are His true followers.

To truly understand what suffering for Christ is gain truly means, we need to look at what the apostle Paul has to say about this. As you know, ST Paul was one of the early Christians in church history who suffered greatly for his Christian faith.

Looking at Paul’s suffering and what he went through for Christ’s sake will help us truly understand why he said suffering for Christ Jesus is great gain and that our present suffering can’t be compared to the glory that awaits us in heaven.

With that said, let us find out what the statement,” to suffer for Christ is gain,” truly means and the real implication it has for all true Christians out there who have pledged their allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Meaning Of Suffering For Christ Is Gain.

To suffer for Christ is gain is a saying that simply means that when you are suffering for the sake of Christ, it will be worth it in the end, as you will be greatly rewarded in heaven.

Implying that if you choose to suffer for Christ now, you will receive your eternal rewards in heaven that await all those who willingly suffer for Christ’s sake.

We are also told in 2 Timothy 2:12a that if we suffer with the Lord Jesus Christ now in our Christian suffering, we will reign with Christ forever in glory in heaven as well as partake of His resurrection unto eternal life.

To add on, our Lord Jesus Christ tells us in Revelations 2:10 that if we are faithful to Him unto death despite the intense human suffering and persecutions we endure for our faith, we will receive an imperishable crown of life. Won’t that be wonderful, dear saint?

You may not see the value of your suffering currently; but when you look back on it in eternity and consider what it has done for you, it will seem to have been worth more than all the pleasures of earth.

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Great Rewards Await Those Who Suffer For Christ.

It seems strange, but it’s true. To suffer as a martyr, even if you die in the process, is a very worthwhile way to spend your life as Jesus Christ says in Matthews 16:25 that if we lose our lives for His sake, we will get saved and have eternal life.

You need to remember as you suffer for Christ’s sake and His righteousness that the Lord is preparing great rewards for you in heaven and once you get to heaven, you will shout in tears of joy saying, “it was all worth it in the end.”

God has promised us that He will bring us into His presence as soon as we die (John 14:1-3). If we endure persecution and pain on earth, we will be happy when our work is done (Philippians 1:6).

The rewards in heaven are so great that the apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 6:8 “I would rather die myself than live without sharing the gospel with others even if it means suffering for it.”

Don’t let the temporary suffering or mundane things of this present evil world be the reason you lose your crown of life and the eternal reward in heaven the Lord has promised to all those who endure to the end.

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We Must Be Willing To Die For Christ.

The pain of martyrdom is often so intense that one would think it could not be borne by any human being. But as we run our Christian race, we begin to realize that this kind of suffering is not a thing to be feared but something for which we should pray for help.

As believers, we must not fear death because as the apostle Paul tells us in Philippians 1:21 that to die in Christ is great gain indeed unlike dying without Christ though you gain the whole world for yourself.

A great gain in the sense that when you die in Christ as a believer, you immediately get ushered into heaven where you will spend the rest of your eternity with God in everlasting joy, happiness, and bliss not yet known to humankind.

Considering all that you have to gain if you choose to suffer and die for Christ’s sake, you must not fear death or endure intense persecution for Christ’s sake.

If early believers during the early church were able to endure and overcome their persecution by God’s grace, you as well with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ can overcome persecution, too.

Yes, suffering and dying for Christ Jesus can be scary but remember, that if you choose to suffer and to be persecuted for righteousness’ sake, you will inherit God’s kingdom as Jesus Christ tells us in Matthews 5:10.

Moreover, if you choose not to suffer on behalf of Christ, you will not reign with Him in heaven nor share His glory that is yet to be revealed to all redeemed saints of all ages since the world began.

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Rejoicing In Christ’s Suffering.

1 Peter 4:13,14 say that we must rejoice in the suffering of Christ Jesus so that we may be overjoyed when His full glory is revealed when all is said and done.

Implying that if we are true believers, we must respond to our suffering by rejoicing in them instead of murmuring and complaining as to why God is allowing us to suffer if He loves us. Count it all joy if you are suffering for Christ as great will your reward be in heaven.

You need to remember that suffering and enduring hardships for Christ’s sake in your Christian life as a believer is part of the package and terms of agreement you agree to when you choose to be a bonafide true follower of Jesus Christ.

Consider the early Christians like Paul who suffered greatly from Christ and rejoiced in Christ’s suffering knowing that his temporary suffering can’t be compared to the eternal glory that will be revealed to all redeemed saints of God.

As you know, Paul endured a lot of suffering such as imprisonment, weeping, reproaches, affliction, persecution, and finally death for the sake of Christ and now he’s resting in heaven enjoying his eternal rewards for suffering for Christ.

You as well if you want to be a joint heir of Christ and inherit everything He’s promised to all those who overcome in Revelations 21:7, run and finish your Christian race enduring all the hardships, suffering, and affliction you encounter there.

Only when you have endured suffering for Christ and finished your race and fought a good fight as Paul states in 2 Timothy 4:7,8 will you be worthy of the crown of life and many eternal rewards in heaven not yet known to us.


I hope the above to suffer for Christ is gain meaning article has now helped you understand that there is great eternal benefit and reward if you suffer with Christ in this present evil world.

Let not the persecution and momentarily suffering in this world make you lose your reward in heaven. Don’t give up because, by God’s grace, you will finish your race. Amen.

In closing, if this post has encouraged you to suffer for Christ, comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. God bless and fight a good fight of faith unto the end.

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