Wilderness Experiences In A Christian {& Why They Matter}

In this post, we will look at the wilderness experiences in a Christian, why they matter and why God allows wilderness seasons in our lives.

I am sure as a believer, you have encountered wilderness seasons in your life where you thought God was not with you be it in your spiritual life or area of finances.

During such a time, it’s easy to think God has abandoned us but He assures us that He’s always with us even when we are having wilderness experiences in our lives.

As a Christian, you need to understand that the Lord allows wilderness seasons in our lives for a reason, which is what we will briefly discuss today.

Having said that, let’s look at the wilderness experiences in a Christian and why God allows them as we journey on our way to our Promised Land of blessings.

What Are Wilderness Experiences?

Wilderness experiences can be thought of as times when one faces intense trials of faith or lack in one area of life or another, especially in the area of finances.

This is also a time and season when one may think that God isn’t present in their life or that He’s abandoned them. During a wilderness season, you also feel that God is distant from you.

You may be wondering why the Lord is allowing this but you need to understand that God is still with you in your wilderness experience you may be going through even if you don’t feel that He’s present at times.

A wilderness experience is like a cloudy day but just because it’s cloudy doesn’t mean that the sun has stopped shining. In fact, even during cloudy days, you can still see sunlight. The same applies in your life if you are having a wilderness experience.

The Lord Jesus Christ who has experienced it all during His earthly life (Matthews 4:1-11) and clearly knows what it feels like to have a desert experience in your life is with you all the time to comfort you.

You need to remember that to enter your Promised Land of blessings or our spiritual Canaan which is heaven, we must first pass through the wilderness just as the Israelites did in the old testament before entering the Promised Land.

When you are having wilderness experiences in your life as a believer you will experience many trials of faith and hardships that you don’t normally experience in your normal life.

This can range from lack of finances, joblessness, spiritual attacks, and many difficulties in life that seem to pop out of nowhere like popcorn popping in a popping machine.

Why Do Wilderness Experiences Matter?

I am sure you may be wondering about that question, too especially if you are in a spiritual wilderness or having some sort of desert experience in your life where everything seems dry in your life, spiritually or financially.

Indeed wilderness experiences serve an important purpose in the lives of all believers and Christians which is why God allows them in our lives.

One of the major reasons why wilderness season matter in our lives as Christians is they help us draw closer to God more than ever before compared to when things are smooth sailing in our lives where it’s easy to forget God.

Wilderness seasons serve as a reminder to draw us close to the Lord and make us realize that only He can deliver us and help us overcome every trial, hardship, and temptation we encounter on our wilderness journey.

Secondly, wilderness experiences matter because, without them, we wouldn’t grow spiritually and be established in the Lord. This can be seen in the case of the Israelites in Exodus 7:1-16 when they came out of Egypt.

God had to let the Israelites go through the wilderness season so that they can grow and mature in Him and get to know Him better since Egypt had greatly influenced their lives, too and considering they were a mixed multitude (Exodus 12:38).

To add on wilderness season, also help refine our faith in God via the trials of faith that we experience there. You need to understand your faith cannot grow and be stronger if it’s not tested.

Henceforth, God allows wilderness seasons so that our faith in Him is perfected and made stronger so that our faith isn’t shaken at every little trial we encounter on our Christian journey.

Why God Allows Wilderness Experiences?

I have always been fascinated by the wilderness experiences of the Bible’s heroes. The Israelites are a good example of people who went through many wilderness experiences (Exodus 16:1-10).

I know that some would say that God allowed the Israelites to go through these wilderness experiences because they were getting ready for their promised land.

That’s partly right. Yes, God wanted the Israelites to be prepared to enter the Promised Land. Moreover, I think that God mainly allowed these experiences because He wanted them to grow spiritually and get to know Him better.

These wilderness experiences prepared them for their promised land and prepared them for life in God’s kingdom on earth as well as in heaven when Jesus returns.

The same applies to you as a new testament Christian today. God allows wilderness experiences in your spiritual life so that you can grow in your relationship with Him and get to know Him better.

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Wilderness Seasons Help Us Appreciate God’s Goodness.

God also allows wilderness experiences so that you can learn to appreciate His goodness more. It’s only in times of trials can God’s goodness and faithfulness be fully appreciated for what they are.

If you had no wilderness experiences, you wouldn’t appreciate God’s goodness and you will; think that it’s by your own goodness and strength that you were able to overcome when it’s God’s grace responsible for that.

This can also be seen in the case of the Israelites who were able to experience and see God’s goodness firsthand in the wilderness they were in through the many miracles God performed for them there.

Due to this, many Israelites came to appreciate God’s goodness more making them want to know Him more and to serve Him.

If they were never in the wilderness, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to witness all the miracles such as sending manna from heaven ( Exodus 16:1-14) and many others the Lord did for them while there.

Consequently, their knowledge of God’s goodness would be limited and be of no significance to them as they would have never experienced God’s goodness first-hand in the first place.

To Prepare Us For Our Spiritual Canaan.

Lastly, God allows wilderness season in our lives as believers to prepare us for our Promised Land and spiritual Canaan, which is heaven. It’s why the apostle Paul tells us in Acts 14:22 that through much trial and tribulation we must enter heaven.

You need to understand, as a Christian who wants to make heaven at last and spend eternity with God there in everlasting joy and bliss that this present evil world is a spiritual wilderness and not our home.

Due to this, while in this world, we will experience many hardships, suffering persecutions, and trials of faith as long as we live in this present evil world.

However, you need to remember as Romans 8:18 tells us that our current trials, suffering, and hardships we are experiencing in this world can’t be compared to the glory that is yet to be revealed to us.

Once you get there, you will be glad you had to go through what you went through and suffer for Christ’s sake and your faith.

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I hope the above post on the wilderness experiences in a Christian has now helped you understand why God allows wilderness seasons in our lives.

You need to remember that you can only experience spiritual growth and grow in the Lord when you are in a spiritual wilderness that tests and refines your faith.

In closing, if this post was beneficial to you drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. God bless.

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