What Is A Wilderness Season & Why Does God Allow It?

What is a wilderness season? And why does God allow us to go through a wilderness experience in our Christian lives as believers? This is what this post will look at today.

I am sure at one point in your Christian life as a believer, you have come across someone talking about having a wilderness experience in your life as A Christian and why God lets us go through wilderness season in life.

You need to understand that going through a wilderness season in your life is vital as a believer in preparation for your entry to the Promised Land as there are many valuable life lessons we learn after having a wilderness experience.

With that said, let’s answer today’s question,” what is a wilderness season?” and why it’s vital in our lives as believers on our way to our spiritual promised land or Canaan which is heaven.

What Is The Wilderness Season?

A wilderness season is a time when God allows you to go through many challenges, trials of faith, hardships, spiritual drought, financial lack, etc. so that you can learn from them and grow spiritually.

The word “wilderness” means an area or a wasteland, which is usually without water with little to no vegetation. When God opens up a wilderness season for us, He brings us into places of solitude where we have to depend on Him for everything.

When you are going through a spiritual wilderness season in your life, be it in ministry or finances, you will experience many trials of faith, suffering, and hardships you normally don’t experience in your day-to-day normal life.

The reason for God putting you through a wilderness season is to test and refine your faith. He also allows you to have a wilderness experience in your life so that you can learn to depend on Him fully.

Also, the wilderness season is a time when God allows us to experience his presence in our lives in a very tangible way through fasting, prayer, spiritual warfare, and suffering hardship as the Israelites did as we see in Exodus 13:1-22 in the old testament.

This is an important part of being saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ because it gives us a picture of what God did for us on Calvary so that we might live forever with Him as our heavenly Father in heaven.

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Why God Allows Wilderness Experiences?

God wants us to learn how to depend on Him by living in difficult circumstances with no guarantees of success or failure. He wants us to become stronger Christians who can rely on Him no matter what happens (see Philippians 4:13).

God also allows us to go through a wilderness experience in our lives because wants us to be more and help us realize that nothing good comes from our own strength or efforts and that it’s by God’s grace we are who we are today (1 Corinthians 15:10).

Another reason why God allows wilderness experiences in our lives is to conform us to the image of His dear Son, Jesus Christ who perfectly knows what being in a wilderness season is all about.

As we know, our Lord Jesus Christ also had His own wilderness experiences and season that were vital in fulfilling the ministry His heavenly Father had bestowed upon Him.

Jesus Christ went through a lot of suffering, hardship, persecution, trials, etc. for our sakes so that we can be saved and have salvation and eternal life. Thereby saving us from hell and death sin brings (Romans 6:23).

In like manner, God lets us go through wilderness seasons so that we can relate to what Jesus Christ went through during His early ministry so that we can be like Him in character.

If God never allowed us to go through wilderness experiences, we would not truly appreciate what Christ Jesus did for us on the cross.

Wilderness Seasons Bring Spiritual Growth.

The wilderness season is also an opportunity for spiritual growth, where we grow and mature spiritually on our walk with the Lord via the help of His Holy Spirit.

As we look back on our past wilderness experiences and think about how much better we have become now, this helps us understand why God sometimes allows us to endure suffering for us to grow as individuals in the faith.

Without wilderness experiences in your Christian life as Christian, you won’t mature and grow spiritually and your knowledge about the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord will be shallow.

Shallow because you haven’t had first-hand experiences of the goodness of the Lord that only wilderness seasons bring as we see in the case of the children of Israel who experienced many miracles in the wilderness.

As a result of being in the wilderness, they were able to experience first-hand the goodness and fitfulness of the Lord via the miracles He did for them there as we see in Exodus 16:1-36 of manna falling from heaven.

Also, as you read further, the children of Israel grew and matured spiritually through the trials and hardships there experienced in the wilderness which would otherwise not be possible if they were never in the wilderness.

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Wilderness Seasons Readies Us For The Promised Land.

Last but not least, God allows wilderness seasons in our lives to prepare us for the blessings found in the promised land of abundance, and plenty once our wilderness journey or desert experience is over.

We see this in the case of the children of Israel. In as much as they were freed from Egypt, they weren’t quite ready yet to enter the promised land considering they were a mixed multitude with Egypt still in their hearts (Exodus 12:38).

Consequently, the Lord had to let them go through a wilderness season to ready them for the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey of which sadly many never made it.

The Promised Land for us believers refers to our spiritual Canaan, which is heaven where we will spend the rest of our eternity in everlasting joy, happiness, and bliss we don’t know yet.

However, for us to enter this spiritual Canaan where there will be no more death and suffering as Revelations 21:4 tells us, we need to be ready and prepared for it.

It is why we are told as believers who have believed in Christ Jesus in John 16:33 in the New Testament that in this world, we will have tribulations and trials but we must be of great cheer as Christ has overcome the world.

As a Christian, you need to understand that all the suffering, trials, hardships, and persecutions you endured for Christ’s sake are just preparing you for the glory that is yet to be revealed that cannot be compared to our present suffering (Romans 8:18).

Once you enter heaven, you will be glad that you had to go through all the suffering and hardships you had to endure for Christ’s sake. You will be eternally grateful that you also shared in Christ’s suffering on earth as you enjoy yourself there finally.

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I hope the above post on the question,” what is a wilderness season?” has finally made you understand what the wilderness season is and why God allows it in our lives.

My prayer after reading this is that God gives you the grace to endure the wilderness season in your life and not perish as most did due to their unbelief and lack of faith.

In closing, if this post has been beneficial to you, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. God bless.

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