Can You Get The Holy Spirit Back? [Find Out The Truth]

Can you get the Holy Spirit back? This is one of the most asked questions in the Christian circles and if you are such a person wondering the same, then this post is for you.

There are several opinions out there, of whether you can lose the Holy Spirit in your Christian life or not but not all of them are biblically accurate for sure.

This is why we need to look at what the bible says for us to get an accurate answer to the question, “can you get the Holy Spirit back,” especially if you have backslid and gone back into sin.

When you search the internet out there, you will find several answers to the above questions where some say yes you can lose the Holy Spirit while others seem to say no but which of these answers are biblically correct?

And this is what this post will answer today as we will attempt to look at what the scriptures say concerning the question,” can you get the Holy Spirit back when you have backslidden or gone back to sin?”.

Before answering this question, we will first need to know who the Holy Ghost is and what His attributes are and the several bible verses that will show us whether you can lose the Holy Spirit or not.

What Is The Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is simply the third personality in the Godhead which consists of the Father, The Son, Jesus Christ in this case and the Holy Ghost. These three witnesses all bear record in heaven as we see in 1 John 5:7.

Therefore, it follows that just like the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit has the same attributes as the former two have this means that He’s also personal, fully God, co-equal and co-eternal with God the Father and the Son.

So, it, therefore, follows that the doctrine of the trinity is indeed biblical as we see in the above bible verse and those who reject the trinity doctrine are in error and are called modernists.

I am sure you have come across preachers that deny the trinity doctrine due to their ignorance or lack of understanding of the scriptures. This is why you need to pray for discernment in the last days to avoid being led into error on simple doctrinal issues like these, dear saint.

Attributes Of the Holy Spirit.

There are several attributes of the Holy Spirit that can be seen both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament in the bible. One of the main divine attributes of the Holy Spirit is that He’s Holy just like the Father and the Son is.

Implying that He cannot dwell in the presence of sin just like God the Father and the Son can’t as they all three hate sin as sin is not compatible with their holy character. He’s also truth as well which is why He’s called the Spirit of truth in by the Lord Jesus Christ in John 16:13.

Another attribute of the Holy Ghost is that He’s eternal as we see in Hebrews 9:14 which means that He has no end or beginning just like Father and the Son are.

Additionally, The Holy Spirit is also God as we see in Acts 5:3, 4, which is why He’s referred to as God the Holy Spirit in the Godhead or trinity.

Can The Holy Spirit Leave You?

This is the question we need to answer first for us to correctly answer our main question of this post of whether you can get the Holy Spirit back.

When you look closely in the bible, it’s clear that the Holy Spirit can indeed leave you especially when you backslide and go back into sin as a result of your willful disobedience to God’s word and the promptings of His Spirit.

One such clear example where we see God’s Spirit leaving a person is in the Old Testament in the case of King Saul as we see in 1 Samuel 16:4 when He disobeyed the Lord.

From the above bible verse, it’s clear the Holy Spirit can leave you or any believer if you are disobedient to God’s word by living in willful sin even after several warnings from Him as God’s Spirit shall not always strive with the spirit of man (Genesis 6:3).

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Sin Drives Away The Holy Spirit.

You must understand that God’s Spirit can’t dwell in the presence of sin which is why He will depart from any believer who chooses to go back into sin as the Holy Spirit just like the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ is simply too holy to dwell in the presence of sin.

People who say that the Holy Spirit cannot leave you are lying as the bible is very clear that the Holy Spirit will leave you when you chose to go back into sin or when you abandon your Christian faith even if you were a believer at some point in your life.

This is the reason the Psalmist David in Psalms 51:10 had to pray to the Lord that He creates a clean heart in him and to give him a right Spirit when he sinned by sleeping with Beersheba Uriah’s wife.

Kind David prayed like that because he realized that the Holy Spirit he once had was no longer in his life as he had defiled himself with sin even if he was a believer in the Lord before. So, you too if you condone sin, God’s Spirit will leave you as well, dear.

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Can You Get Back The Holy Spirit?

Now that we know that the Holy Spirit can indeed leave any true believer in Christ Jesus if they choose to go back into sin or lose their salvation, we can now answer the main question of this of whether you can get the Holy Spirit back if He left you due to sin.

The simple answer to that question is yes you can get back the Holy Spirit if you lost His presence or special anointing you had due to sin as we can see in Psalms 51:1-19 in the case of Kind David when he truly repented of his sins.

All you need is to return unto the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance so that He can forgive your sins and restore the lost fellowship of the Holy Spirit you earlier had.

Just as David was restored in the Old Testament, you as well can be fully restored and have the lost fellowship of the Holy Spirit you had before you backslid restored to you once again as well if you pray the prayer David prayed in the above bible verses from your heart of course.

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I hope the above post on the question, “can you get the Holy Spirit back has thoroughly answered you and cleared any doubts you had concerning the above question.

If you are that person who has lost the fellowship of the Holy Spirit due to backsliding into sin, you can still repent today so that that lost fellowship of the Holy Spirit is restored to you.

In closing, if you found this post useful, kindly let me know in the comments below along with any questions you might have on what you have read. Be blessed and don’t forget to share.

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6 thoughts on “Can You Get The Holy Spirit Back? [Find Out The Truth]”

  1. What about Hebrews 6:4-6 4 “It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, 5 who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age 6 and who have fallen away, to be brought back to repentance. To their loss they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting him to public disgrace.”

    • Good question. That verse refers to those who have gone apostates and no longer want anything to do with God anymore and choose to remain stubborn in their backslidden sinful state despite several warnings from the Holy Spirit for them to repent. God bless.

  2. Truth is the foundation upon which the Kingdom of God is built and what you shared is a Kingdom Message; it is truth! God gave Saul another heart and maybe we overlooked this. (1 Samuel 10:9) Saul did not only have God’s Spirit at one time, he also had another heart. Is it not written that God would give us a new heart and a new spirit so we could obey Him? (Ezekiel 36:26) Saul had both, but it seems to me that Saul did not always yield himself to the Spirit of God. And, if we are deluded to think that God can’t take away His Spirit we should think again. When we choose to reject God’s Word, God can reject us! God is God and He can do anything He pleases! (Psalm 115:3)

    • Thanks for your lovely input dear sweet sister in the Lord. Indeed what you have said is nothing but the truth most are unprepared to hear due to their itching ears. Indeed God’s Spirit will leave us if we entertain sin and reject the way of holiness and righteousness. God bless.


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