5 Characteristics Of Worldly Wisdom That’s Not From God.

There are many characteristics of worldly wisdom that differentiate it from godly wisdom that comes from above and this post will cover 5 major ones.

As a believer, you need to know the kind of wisdom that will be profitable to you. Earthly wisdom will never benefit you as a Christian, which is why you need to strive for heavenly wisdom that’s pure.

Godly wisdom that is found in the knowledge of reading God’s word and inspired by the Holy Spirit is the only wisdom you will ever need in this life that will never lead you astray which is why it’s precious.

Without wasting much of your precious time, let us look at the 5 major characteristics of worldly wisdom that makes it different from heavenly wisdom which never promotes evil.

5 Main Qualities Of Earthly Wisdom.

Below are the 5 qualities of earthly wisdom that characterize human wisdom which you will never find in godly wisdom which brings true understanding and enlightenment.

  • Worldly Wisdom Doesn’t Come From God.
  • Earthy Wisdom Is Sensual.
  • Worldly Wisdom Is Demonic.
  • Worldly Wisdom Promotes Sin.
  • Worldly Wisdom Leads One Astray.

1. Worldly Wisdom Doesn’t Come From God.

We are told in James 3:17 in the New Testament that godly wisdom comes from God and that it’s pure, gentle, peaceable, full of mercy, and has good fruits without any partiality.

The same cannot be said with worldly wisdom, which lacks all the above important qualities unique to the heavenly wisdom that comes from above from our Father of lights. Instead, worldly wisdom promotes envy, pride, and other evil things that aren’t of God.

Since worldly and earthly wisdom doesn’t come from God, it, therefore, follows that worldly wisdom comes from the devil which is usually sensual and devilish in nature that fools of this world love.

Worldly wisdom will always lead you astray from the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ found in God’s word since it’s not from God and has its own evil agenda that’s different from heavenly wisdom.

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2. Earthy Wisdom Is Sensual.

In the same James 3:15, we are further told that worldly wisdom unlike godly wisdom is sensual in nature. Implying that it mainly appeals to the carnal senses of our sinful flesh.

Since worldly wisdom is sensual, it follows that the wisdom of this world will promote things of the flesh and not those of the Spirit. By being sensual, worldly wisdom is only interested in pleasing the flesh.

This is the type of wisdom the people of this world without the life of Christ Jesus in them love as it appeals to their sinful appetites, passions, and desires of the flesh that godly wisdom is against.

As a believer, you need to avoid such a type of demonic wisdom as it will just lead you astray and lead you into eternal death in hell. Instead, seek godly wisdom found in God’s word that will lead you to life.

3. Worldly Wisdom Is Demonic.

James 3:15 also tells us that worldly wisdom is demonic and devilish. Implying that worldly wisdom is demon-inspired which is why it cannot give you the peace you desire that only heavenly wisdom can give you.

Since worldly wisdom is demonic, it promotes satanic things and hates the things of God. It is why the wisdom of this world is contrary and against what God’s word says as it seeks to please Satan and promotes sin.

If you are a person who has worldly wisdom, you will find yourself not appreciating and despising the spiritual things and spiritual wisdom found in the knowledge of God’s word as it will not make sense to you.

As a Christian, you need to avoid this kind of wisdom. Instead, seek biblical wisdom and knowledge found in God’s word and fear the Lord as Proverbs 9:10 tells us in the Old Testament, as it is where true wisdom begins.

4. Worldly Wisdom Promotes Sin.

The other thing and characteristic of worldly wisdom that differentiates it from godly wisdom are that the former promotes and glorifies sin while the latter promotes righteousness and never seeks to glorify evil.

This is why the apostle Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:19 that worldly human wisdom is nothing but foolishness to God as it only promotes and encourages people to do evil as well as makes them think that they are wise in their own ways and minds.

It is why you need as a believer to immerse yourself in God’s word and seek heavenly wisdom that promotes righteousness and holiness only from there as only God’s wisdom will help you live right and not waste your life in sin.

Carnal people love earthly wisdom as it promotes and justifies the evil sinful lifestyles they love to live in. It is why carnal worldly people can’t accept God’s wisdom found in His word as it speaks against their evil sinful lifestyles they are unwilling to let go.

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5. Worldly Wisdom Leads One Astray.

Last but not least, another thing that characterizes worldly wisdom is that it will lead you astray, away from God and the paths of righteousness that leads one to life as it has no truth in it.

If you embrace worldly wisdom and reject godly wisdom that will help you become wise and be saved from the wrath to come as 1 Thessalonians 1:10 tells us, you will be eternally lost in the end.

Carnal earthly wisdom will only and ultimately lead you to hell as it made you reject God while you were on earth and made you think that you are wise in your own ways, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Moreover, if you don’t want to be led astray and finally get eternally lost in hell. Start embracing godly wisdom now by reading God’s word and living by it, which will lead you to life eternal, and help you not get lost by worldly wisdom.

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I hope the above 5 characteristics of worldly wisdom have now helped you understand what worldly wisdom is all about and why you need to shun it at all costs.

If you want to be wise in this life, godly wisdom that comes from above is the way as earthly wisdom just won’t cut it but will just lead you astray like lost sheep without a shepherd.

In closing, if you found this post useful and helpful, let me know in the comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave as many need to see this. Stay blessed.

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  1. I think you have some references wrong in this post. James 3:18 says nothing about worldly wisdom.

    In v. 15, we are told that the wisdom of this world is earthly, unspiritual, and demonic. When you say that worldly wisdom is sensual, is that a reference to it being earthly?

    • Oh, thanks for the correction dear brother in Christ. Yes, it’s supposed to be verse 15 and not 18. Mistake on my part and I will correct it with the right verse. God bless.


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