The Power Of Holiness & Why It’s Vital To All Believers?

The power of holiness in the life of a true believer cannot be over-emphasized and in this devotion, you will discover the power of being holy and righteous and the benefits that come with it.

Throughout the bible in both the old testament and the New Testament, God has always commanded His children to be holy just as He’s holy (1 Peter 1:16).

Sadly, many think, living a holy life isn’t possible but if that were the case, God will not ask us to be holy. The fact that He tells us to be holy means that He knows by His grace, we can live holy lives free from sin.

There is great power in holy living and many benefits come when you live a holy life that our Lord Jesus Christ commands and expects of us as His followers and disciples.

My prayer as you begin reading this devotion below on the power of holiness and why it matters to all true Christians is you will pursue a holy lifestyle free from sin and the moral pollutions of this present evil world so that you don’t miss heaven.

What Is Holiness?

Holiness, as described in the Bible, is a fundamental concept found in both the Old and New Testaments. It revolves around the character and nature of God, who is depicted as holy, morally pure, and separate from sin.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites were called to be a holy nation (Exodus 19:5,6) and to live according to God’s moral standards by obeying His laws as a way of consecrating themselves to Him.

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ further develops the idea of holiness, emphasizing the importance of inner purity and righteousness rather than mere external observances.

He calls His followers to love one another and reflect the compassionate nature of God. Biblical holiness encompasses living a life dedicated to God, pursuing moral purity, and adhering to divine commands in love and obedience.

It also involves being set apart from the sinful values of the world and seeking to become more Christ-like in character and lifestyle.

Holiness is not something we humans can attain through our own efforts; rather, it is a result of a genuine relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

In short, holiness is simply a state of being holy and being free from sin as well as being set apart for God. It’s something that can only be attained when we become truly born again with the new nature of Christ Jesus in us after salvation.

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The Power Of Holiness In Believer’s Lives.

There is great power in living a life of holiness and purity as a true believer as it makes us the light of this fallen world we live in that is lost in darkness and sin.

Embracing holiness through faith in God and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit brings about spiritual transformation by aligning the believer’s thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors with God’s will.

The journey of holiness in every true Christian leads to a closer relationship with God, empowering that person to overcome sinful desires that lead one into sin and temptations.

Holiness in the lives of believers also bears fruits in the form of love, joy, peace, and other qualities that influence not only the believer’s relationship with God but also their interactions with others.

Additionally, Holiness equips believers for service in God’s kingdom, thereby becoming vessels through which His grace, love, and power flow to impact lives positively. This is why the Lord wants us to be holy so that we can be vessels unto honor (2 Timothy 2:21).

To sum up, the power of holiness in all true believers lies in its ability to align them with God’s divine purpose, empowering them to live lives that are unspotted by this evil world.

Through holiness, believers experience the joy of intimate communion with God, victory over sin, inner peace, and the fulfillment of their God-given purpose.

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Why Holiness Matters To All True Believers?

There are many reasons why holiness and holy living matters to all true believers who are genuinely born again and have experienced the new birth that makes them new creations in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Below are the 3 significant reasons why true holiness matters in the lives of all true born-again Christians who are on their way to heaven where they will be forever with the Lord in glory.

(i). It’s God’s Nature.

One of the reasons why holiness matters in the lives of all true believers is that holiness is part of God’s nature and identity. It’s why we are told that God is holy and righteous in 1 Peter 1:15,16.

Since we are created in His holy image, it, therefore, implies that we also must be holy just as He is. This was the case before our first parents fell into sin through their disobedience.

Before the fall of Adam and Eve, both of these first parents of ours were holy and didn’t know sin and everything was perfect at the time.

Moreover, when they fell, they lost one of the vital attributes of God they were created with which is holiness but the good news is Jesus Christ came to rectify this error made by our first parents by dying for our sins on the cross.

By doing, so, this made it possible for us to live a holy and righteous life by His grace as we can’t be holy on our own since we are all fallen sinners born with the Adamic sinful nature that makes us desire to do bad things of all kinds.

Since holiness is the very definition of who God is, it, therefore, follows that as His children who are born of Him, we are to be holy just as He is via Christ’s imputed righteousness in us.

(ii). It’s God’s Command.

The second reason why holiness is of great importance to God in the lives of true believers is that we are commanded to be holy just as He is.

This can be seen in the old testament where the Lord commanded the children of Israel to be set apart and be holy just as He is as we see in Leviticus 20:26.

Since holiness and righteousness is a commandment, you must therefore live and maintain a lifestyle of holiness that’s free from sin and the defilement of this sinful wicked world.

But you may have heard many people say that it’s not possible to live a holy life in this sinful world. However, that’s not true according to God’s word as God can’t ask us to do things He knows we can’t.

By the way, people who say you can’t be holy say so because they don’t understand what it truly means to be genuinely born again and have the new birth experience that makes one a new creature with a new nature.

The fact that God tells us to be holy simply tells us that He knows by His grace we can be holy and be free from the bondage of sin. Only those who love their sin find holy living as something that’s not doable.

(iii). A Requirement To Enter Heaven.

Last but not least, holiness is vital to all true believers and Christians as it’s a requirement to enter heaven as without it, none will see the Lord as Hebrews 12:14 tells us.

Since holiness and purity of heart are mandatory to enter heaven, you therefore must be holy and have nothing to do with sin if you want to finally spend eternity with God in heaven when you close your eyes in death.

Our Lord Jesus Christ further iterates in Matthews 5:8 that only those who are pure in heart will ever see God. so, dear saint, if you want to make heaven, you just have to be holy without fail.

You need to remember that as Revelations 21:27 tells us, nothing unclean or anything that defiles itself with sin will ever step foot in heaven, period.

If you are struggling with living a holy life, I encourage you to pray for grace so that God helps you to live a holy life that will qualify you for heaven when all is said and done.

Personal holiness is a must and if you are not saved yet, I encourage you to be saved today by coming to the Lord in genuine repentance. Once you do that, all your sins will be forgiven and will be given the grace to be holy and to deny the sin you once loved.

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Has the above post on the power of holiness in God’s people helped you see the importance of personal holiness and righteousness in your life? If so, drop a comment below and let me know how this post has edified you.

My prayer is after reading this post, you become a living sacrifice that is holy and acceptable to God which is your reasonable service by abstaining from sin.

In closing, if this post has been of great benefit to your spiritual life, kindly share it with others who need to see this and remember without holiness, no heaven. God bless.

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