Modest Dressing In The Bible (& Why It Truly Matters?)

It’s just a matter of fact that immodest dressing has now become rampant even in the church today. In this post, we will discuss this vital topic of modest dressing in the bible and why it matters to all professing believers.

Modesty is a concept that has been a topic of discussion for centuries be it in the old testament or the new testament, particularly in the realm of fashion.

Just look around how people especially women and girls dress these days. A day won’t go by without seeing a scantily dressed woman or lady exposing their undergarments.

As a Christian woman, you mustn’t be carried away by the worldly immodest dressing fashions of this world. This is why this post has been written to help you avoid immodest dressing.

With that said, Let’s delve into the topic of modest dressing in the bible and explore scriptural references that shed light on the importance of modesty in a Christian woman’s life.

What Is Modest Dressing According To The Bible?

Modest dressing, as defined by the Bible, encompasses more than just physical attire. It is an attitude of the heart, reflecting humility and a desire to honor God with our appearance and our dress code.

In short, modest dressing is simply dressing in a way that honors God and doesn’t expose our nakedness and sensitive body parts that only your spouse is meant to see.

Dressing with modest apparel involves choosing clothing that does not draw undue attention to oneself, particularly sensually or extravagantly.

The issue of modest dressing is nothing new. Even in the old testament, the Lord commanded the Israelites to dress modestly and not expose their nakedness as we are told in Exodus 28:42.

Just as God was concerned about modesty in the old testament, He’s still concerned with how we dress as professing Christians today which is why you must take modesty seriously.

What Does The Bible Say About Modest Dressing?

The Bible has a lot to say concerning modest dressing. In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul addresses the concept of modesty in his letter to Timothy.

He advises women to adorn themselves with modest apparel, highlighting the importance of modesty for a godly woman as they are Satan’s target for immodest dressing.

In 1 Timothy 2:9-10, Paul states that women must dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women professing to worship God.

With a lot of immodest dressing going on even in church today, it’s vital as a godly woman you distinguish yourself in the way you dress.

You need to remember that as a Christian woman, your dress code must be the which glorifies God and that doesn’t bring unwanted attention to you.

Your Dressing Must Draw Others To Christ.

Your dressing must not attract unwanted attention, especially from the opposite sex. Avoid dressing in a way that will reveal your sensitive body parts as that is abominable in God’s sight.

Sadly, many women even those who claim to be believers dress immodestly nowadays. It’s not uncommon to see ladies in miniskirts with thighs and underpants exposed in church and as a brother in Christ, you must be extra vigilant now lest you stumble.

It seems even in the church; many are choosing to dress anyhow without caring whether their nakedness is sufficiently covered or not. As a Christian woman, your dressing must not make your fellow brothers in Christ stumble or begin to look at you lustfully.

There is a reason why God want women to dress modestly and in a feminine manner. As a lady, wear sufficiently long dresses that won’t reveal your delicate body parts even when you seat down as there are many peeping toms around, anyway.

The above bible verses emphasize that a woman’s outward adornment should not overshadow her inner beauty and godliness.

What Are Some Tips On Modest Dressing?

There are many godly tips on godly dressing you can apply in your Christian life as a woman or man and some of these tips are:

A). Choose Appropriate Clothes:

Opt for clothing and attire that sufficiently recovers your body modestly and avoids revealing your delicate body parts.

Implying that as a lady you must avoid wearing tight dresses or pants that reveal the geometrical shape of your body. Dresses, skirts, and, blouses with modest necklines and lengths can be both fashionable and modest.

Similarly, as a man, don’t wear tight things or clothes that will reveal your delicate body parts or embarrass you in public considering that tight clothes can show what’s not supposed to be seen.

You need to understand as a Christian man or woman, your dressing must be that which must draw others to Jesus Christ. Henceforth, avoid dressing immodestly in the name of a worldly fashion.

B). Avoid Excessive Accessories:

Refrain from wearing excessive jewelry, particularly gold, and pearls, or costly attire that may lead to vanity or distract from one’s character and faith.

Implying that you need to avoid excessive paintings, earrings, or makeup that will make you look like a Jezebel. Maintain the natural beauty God has given you. No need to alter yourself in the name of beauty with excessive makeup that makes you look like a zombie.

You are beautiful the way you are, dear, and don’t let the spirit of Jezebel, worldliness, or vanity make you desire to look like the world in the way you dress or appear.

C). Prioritize Godliness:

Focus on cultivating godliness through good deeds and the way you dress, as mentioned in 1 Timothy 2:10. Let your character and actions speak louder than your clothing choices.

As a believer, you need to portray godliness and holiness in the way you dress and the clothing you wear. Worldliness and immodest dressing have no place in the life of a true believer whose completely separated from the world.

Your outward adornment must reflect the inner reflection of the character of Christ in you which is humility, godliness, and holiness.

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What Are The Challenges Of Modest Dressing?

Many challenges cause many people not to dress modestly and respect themselves in how they dress. One of them is Living in an immoral culture that tolerates immodest dress attires and views them as fashionable.

This is especially true with this so-called Western culture that has ruined many men and women who now think dressing modestly in long dresses is old-fashioned and old school.

To these blindfolded worldly men and women, exposing their nakedness shamelessly in public is what they call fashion or being civilized which could be nothing further from the truth.

Consequently, many have joined the bandwagon of indecent dressing all in the name of fashion or wanting to look modern.

Secondly, the other challenge is peer pressure from peers in this social media world we live in is another thing that makes most dress provocatively so as not to be left out.

Peer Pressure Makes Most Dress Immodestly.

Just look at the nudes that are on social media such as Instagram. You can see everywhere that a lot are being pressured to reveal their bodies all in the name of beauty and fashion.

It seems now that exposing yourself publicly will make you look sexier and beautiful attracting many likes on social media from people with corrupted minds.

Lastly, the love of the world is another major challenge that hinders even many believers from dressing in a godly manner that glorifies God.

Many Christians have been taken away with worldly fashions and attires which has made many want to look like the world. However, 1 John 2:15-17 warns that as believers, we must not love the world nor the things therein.

Implying that as a Christian, you must not admire the ungodly dressing and attires of this world that are just there to promote sexual immorality and make others stumble.

How To Overcome Challenges Of Modest Dressing?

There are many ways you can overcome the challenges of dressing modestly. One of the ways to overcome immodest dressing is you need to stop loving the world.

As we saw earlier in the above bible verse, you are not to love the dressing of this world which is incompatible with the lifestyle of every believer.

Implying that as a Christian woman or man, you must avoid worldly and costly garments that will display vanity and the pride of life. Instead, seek modest apparel that will promote humility and glorify God.

Secondly, avoid putting on any clothes that will not sufficiently cover your nakedness. This implies as a lady, avoid wearing pants, see-through, short dresses, or skirts that will expose your thighs or undergarments as well as your breasts.

On the other hand, as a man, avoid wearing things that will indecently expose your chest or reveal the profile of your private parts. Wear shirts and pants that will make you look godly and modest as a man.

Sanctification Is Vital For Modesty.

Lastly, pray for the Lord Jesus Christ to sanctify your heart and remove any spirit of immodesty making you dress provocatively.

Lack of genuine sanctification is one of the reasons why many professing Christian women dress immodestly and proactively for attention. If you are not sanctified, you won’t see anything wrong with dressing immodestly even in church.

This is because your old Adamic sinful nature making you desire to dress indecently is still active in your heart and needs to be removed by the sanctifying power of the blood and the Holy Spirit.

When you get truly sanctified as a Christian woman, you will no longer desire to wear short dresses that expose your nakedness, and vanity or draw unwanted attention.

Why? Simply because when you get sanctified, God gives you a new heart and new spirit promised in Ezekiel 36:26 that will make you detest the immodest attires you once loved to put on in your former old life of sin.

So if you are struggling with modesty, pray for Christ to sanctify you and remove any spirit of immodesty that may be in your heart causing you not to easily give up your worldly dressing attires.

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In conclusion, modest dressing in the bible is not just a matter of clothing choices; it reflects the heart’s desire to honor God and prioritize inner beauty over outward appearance.

As Christian women and men, we can find confidence in knowing that modesty is a virtue cherished by God. By embracing modesty and navigating the challenges with grace, we can exemplify the beauty of Christ in how we dress.

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