How To Stop Backsliding In 11 Simple Steps? [+ Sermon]

If you are a backslidden Christian who wants to stop backsliding, then this post on how to stop backsliding as a Christian is for you.

Being a Christian requires you to consistently keep moving forward in your Christian life. Sadly, many people get stuck in the Christian backsliding zone.

They start doing great and making progress in the beginning, but then the old sinful patterns be it those of addictions come back and ruin their Christian walk with Christ again.

But if you are such a person reading this, don’t despair as this article on how to stop backsliding will show you the 11 things you must do if you desire to stop backsliding for good.

11 Simple Steps To Help You Quit Backsliding.

Take your time in reading the 11 steps below you will ever need to take if you want to stop backsliding once and for all.

  • Have Regular Quiet Time.
  • Pray Every Day.
  • Stop Loving The World.
  • Resist Temptations.
  • Read The Bible Daily.
  • Repent Of Your Backsliding.
  • Earnestly Contend For The Faith.
  • Take Up Your Cross Daily.
  • Draw Closer To God.
  • Avoid Bad Company.
  • Remember Where You Fell.

1. Have Regular Quiet Time.

If you want to avoid backsliding in your Christian life, you need to be having regular quiet time daily where you rise every morning to pray and read God’s word.

Quiet time is important in the life of any Christian or believer as it prepares you for the day so that you can overcome any temptations Satan may have in store for you on that day. If you lack quest time, you will be susceptible to Satan’s temptations that will overcome you easily.

Even Jesus Christ Himself had quiet time as we see in Mark 1:35 where He went into a solitary place to pray. If Jesus Christ our Master had quiet time and saw its importance, why shouldn’t you as His disciple or follower?

2. Pray Every Day.

In addition to having your daily quiet time, you need to pray daily which you can do during your quiet time, as prayer is a vital spiritual weapon in your Christian life that will help you overcome Satan.

Prayer is what will help you not backslide or fall into temptation, which is why Jesus Christ told His disciples in Luke 22:46 that they must pray so that they don’t enter into temptation and that applies to every Christian today.

If your prayer life is weak, you will find it difficult to overcome temptations and this will explain why you constantly backslide and fall into the same sin over and over again. Prayer can break that cycle if you incorporate prayer into your Christian life if you haven’t yet.

3. Stop Loving The World.

The love of this world and the mundane things of this world is one of the major reasons why most Christians backslide as we see in the case of Demas in the new testament in 2 Timothy 4:10 when he forsook Paul having loved this present world.

And this is the case with many Christians who were once strong in the Lord but have abandoned their Christian faith due to the love of this world and the things that are in this world.

1 John 2:15 tells us that we must not love the world or the things that are in this world because if you do, then clearly, the love of the Father isn’t in you because if you love God, you will hate the world by not modeling its lifestyle or way of doing things.

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4. Resist Temptations.

You also need to resist the various temptations to sin or backslide if you want to stop backsliding once and for all especially if you have been a backslider for a while but want to stop.

Many believers can’t stop backsliding because they are not resisting the evil temptations Satan is bringing into their lives. God’s word in James 4:7 tells us to resist the devil so that he can flee from us.

And this includes resisting the evil temptations he brings with him which sadly most Christians are not doing but entertain at times. You won’t stop backsliding if you are not resisting the evil temptations Satan brings your way.

5. Read The Bible Daily.

Reading your Bible daily is vital in your Christian life as it strengthens your Christian faith so that you can stand firm in the Lord and not sin against Him even when temptations come (Psalms 119:11).

But if you are not reading God’s word, you will be under-equipped to fight Satan and the evil temptations or schemes he brings your way. You must remember that you are not wrestling against flesh and blood as Ephesians 6:12 tells us.

This is why you need to read God’s word daily as it’s a vital and powerful spiritual weapon in your Christian arsenal that produces a shield of faith since faith comes by hearing God’s word so that you can quench the fiery darts of the enemy, which includes those of backsliding.

6. Repent Of Your Backsliding.

True repentance of your sins or your backsliding is also key if you want to stop backsliding once and for all if you have backslidden and fallen away from grace as it’s what will lead to your full restoration.

When you truly repent, you agree with God that what you have done is wrong and turn away from it and towards Him. You do this in your mind and heart, which is known as repentance of the heart.

Sometimes especially if you are backslidden Christian, you may need to say out loud or in writing what you did was wrong and ask for forgiveness for it. If you do that from your heart, the Lord will heal your backsliding as He promises in (Jeremiah 3:22).

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7. Earnestly Contend For The Faith.

You also need to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints Jude 1:3,4 talks about. To contend simply means to strive and fight for something in this case your Christian faith.

This implies that you must not give up your faith, no matter what because there will be many things in this world that will try to make you give up your faith or tempt your to compromise or eventually backslide.

Sadly, many believers today are not earnestly contending for the faith which was once delivered to them which is why many of them backside after some time but don’t be such a person because if you do, you will be very sorry in the end.

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8. Take Up Your Cross Daily.

If you are a person with the desire of living a consistent Christian life and not the one of rising and falling into sin every time, you also need to take up your cross daily as the Lord Jesus Christ command all those who desire to come after Him.

Carrying your cross means accepting the fact that there will be sufferings, persecutions, and consequences of being a Christian. Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23).

Sadly, many Christians aren’t willing to carry their crosses daily which explains why many of them backside and go back into sin and the world if the cross becomes too heavy for them to carry.

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9. Draw Closer To God.

Drawing closer to the Lord will help stop being a backslider because only He has the grace that you need to keep you from backsliding and falling back into sin over and over again.

James 4:8 tells us that we must draw closer to God and He will draw close to us but if you don’t draw closer to God, the devil will have a field day in your life and make you do things that are contrary to God’s word.

This will be so as you will not have the grace needed to keep you from backsliding or falling back into the same sin you have been struggling to overcome.

10. Avoid Bad Company.

Being in association with bad company is another major reason why most Christians backslide and fall back into sin as bad company will always corrupt good manners due to the evil influence they will have on you as a Christian as  1 Corinthians 15:33 tells us.

A Christian who isn’t careful with their association will eventually begin to spend more time with worldly friends rather than godly ones who will begin to negatively influence their lives.

As a result, such a believer with ungodly influence from bad friends will start doing things those ungodly friends do such as watching worldly immoral movies, reading immoral books, etc. before long, such a person will have already backslid to be like the unbelievers they associate with.

11. Remember Where You Fell.

Finally yet importantly, to overcome backsliding as a Christian, we need to start by understanding what brought us to this point in our lives and where we have fallen.

It could be anything from laziness to obvious sins like sexual immorality, drunkenness, and so on. Whatever the reason, the first step is always the same. We must recognize our sins and repent of them.

This means turning away from sin and turning toward God. When we repent of our sins, He will forgive us (1 John 1:9). After repenting of your backsliding, you must vow never to return to your old sinful lifestyle and cut off anything or anyone that may want you to backslide again.


I hope the above article on how to stop backsliding as a Christian will go a long way in helping you to stop backsliding once and for all so that you can live a victorious Christian life. In closing, if this post edified you in some way. Let me know in the comments below along with any questions you might have about what you have read. Stay blessed and don’t forget to share.

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    • You say so because you don’t know what being truly born again is all about. If you always backslide, it means you are yet to have a definite salvation experience, dear. This post triggered you because it clearly shows you love your sin which is why you are saying we always backslide. May the Lord have mercy upon your dear soul and show you the truth before it’s too late. Yes, it’s possible to stop backsliding if you say no to sin.

    • No, it’s not normal to habitually backslide. We Arte to live consistent Christian lives and by God’s grace that’s possible but you must be willing to do so in your end. God bless.


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