13 Signs Of A True Believer [Signfying True Conversion]

Many people claim to be believers but have no clue what it means to be a true Christian. This article will examine 13 clear signs of a true believer that one will show if they are truly saved.

There are many signs that a person will show if they are a true believer in Christ that will differentiate them from unbelievers who are not truly saved yet.

Having said, that, let’s look at the 13 important signs of a true believer that one will show if they are truly born again and are on their way to heaven.

Who Are True Believers?

True believers are simply people who have been truly saved from sin by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and washed by His blood by accepting Him as their personal Lord and saviour.

This implies that a person who is a true believer is saved and follows the bible teachings of Jesus Christ wholeheartedly because you can’t follow what you have not believed, anyway.

On the other hand, if a person is an unbeliever or not a true believer of Christ Jesus, they won’t be saved nor will they have any desire to obey or follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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13 Major Signs Of True Believers.

Below are the 13 signs of true believers that everyone who is truly saved and has believed in the Lord Jesus Christ will show.

  • Practices Forgiveness.
  • Loves God.
  • Saved.
  • Imitates Christ.
  • Has New Faith.
  • Obeys Christ Jesus.
  • Love Others Selflessly.
  • Heavenly-Minded.
  • Brings Good Fruits.
  • Live Godly.
  • New Hunger For Righteousness.
  • Crucified Self.
  • New Nature.

1. Practices Forgiveness.

One of the signs of a true believer that will show that someone is a believer in Christ Jesus is that they will practice forgiveness and won’t hold grudges against their offenders.

If you claim to be a true Christian, you will easily forgive others who have deeply hurt you in one way or the other even it may be difficult at times but you must remember we live in a fallen world of broken and sinful people.

So, it is inevitable that people will hurt you including the ones close to you but you must forgive anyway because if you don’t you also won’t be forgiven by your heavenly Father as well (Matthews 6:14,15).

2. Loves God.

True believers of Jesus Christ truly and fervently love God with all their hearts, soul, strength and might which is the greatest commandment God has given to mankind.

And this fervent love for God in any believer will be evident by the kind of lifestyle they live and the obedience they show to God.

You can’t say you love God if you have no interest in obeying in word in the bible which is sadly the case with most so-called Christians which is why Jesus Christ said in John 14:15 that if you truly love Him, you will keep His commandments. Couldn’t be simpler than that.

3. Saved.

It’s just a matter of fact that you will be truly saved with a definite salvation experience in your life if you are a true believer.

Salvation is very crucial in anyone’s life as it saves one from sin and the wrath to come (1 Thessalonians 5:9) because, without salvation, you can have eternal life or make it for heaven when you die.

But if you are a fake believer or a nominal religious churchgoer, you won’ have any definite salvation experience in your life that true believers have and conversely, you won’t be on your way to heaven.

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4. Imitates Christ.

If you are a genuine believer who has been saved by the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, you will imitate Him and not the world or the evil people of this world.

This implies that your lifestyle speaks and reflect the nature of Christ be it in the way you dress, conduct yourself or interact with others. In short, your life conforms o the image of Jesus Christ as 2 Corinthians 6:18 wonderfully puts it.

On the other hand, if you are not a genuine believer in Christ Jesus yet, you won’t imitate Him but you will instead imitate your master Satan and his demons because he who sins is of the devil (1 John 3:8).

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5. Has New Faith.

One of the signs that will show you are a true believer in Jesus Christ is that you will have a new faith and this genuine faith will be the living faith based on Jesus Christ alone who can give you eternal life.

There are many religious faiths in this world but not all of them will give you eternal life and save you from the wrath to come as most of these religious faiths are from Satan put there intending to lead many astray from Christ into their eternal perdition in hell.

Only real faith in Jesus Christ and His word found in Mark 16:16 can save you from hell and help you make it for heaven when you die and this is the real living faith you will have if you are true believers who have been saved from sin.

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6. Obeys Christ Jesus.

When you become a true believer or true Christian, you will obey the teachings of Jesus Christ found in God’s word wholeheartedly and not some of the teachings as some so-called believers do but you will obey Christ fully and not partially.

A person who claims to be a genuine believer will live a Christian life that’s in full obedience to Jesus Christ and won’t allow their sinful flesh to dictate their lives.

But if you are not a genuine believer yet, you won’t obey our Lord Jesus Christ. Instead, you will follow your pernicious sinful ways 2 Peter 2:2 which will just eventually lead you to eternal destruction in hell.

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7. Loves Others Selflessly.

If you are a genuine believer with a definite salvation experience in your life who is truly saved and on your way to heaven, you will be filled with God’s love that will enable you to love others selflessly the way Christ expects you to.

It’s this true selfless agape love 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 talks about that only comes from God and is imparted to you when you accept Christ Jesus into your heart that will enable you to selflessly love others without any selfish motives.

As humans, we are naturally selfish and self-centred which is why we can’t truly and selflessly love other people unless they are benefiting us in some way but when you become a genuine believer, this selfish nature will be removed from you are replaced with selfless agape love.

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8. Heavenly-Minded.

Being heavenly minded is also one of the major signs of a true believer that a person will manifest if that person is truly saved and a true Christian on their way to heaven.

The apostle Paul in Colossians 3:2 encourages believers to set their affections on heavenly things above where our home is and not on earthly things which will eventually pass away.

If you are a true believer, your real affections will be on things above and not of the earth but if you are an unbeliever or a fake believer, you will be earthly-minded which will manifest by the way you live and think.

9. Brings God Fruits.

A person who is a genuine believer will bring forth good fruits of the Holy Spirit because that person is a good tree with the new nature of Christ in them that enables them to bear good fruits

Jesus Christ said in John 15:4-6 that only if we abide in Him we will be able to bring forth good fruits which will be shown by our good works and good deeds as He’s the vine and we as true believers we are the branches.

On the other hand, if you are not a true believer yet, you are a bad tree Jesus Christ talks about in Luke 6:43 that will bring forth all manner of bad fruits and evil deeds as He is not in you yet.

10. Live Godly.

Someone who is a true Christian who has believed and fully accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and saviour will live godly in this present evil world.

This will be so because of God’s grace Titus 2:11 talks about that brings salvation which has appeared to everyone and it’s this grace that enables a true believer to deny all forms of ungodliness so that they can live godly and soberly in this present sinful world.

Nevertheless, if you are a fake believer who is just religious and goes to church every Sunday, this grace will simply be nowhere to be seen in your life, dear which is why you find living a godly life that’s above sin difficult and impossible.

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11. New Hunger For Righteousness.

When you become a true believer in Christ after becoming truly born again, you will have a new desire and hunger to follow after righteousness.

No longer will you desire to follow after sin this time because you have the new nature of Christ in you that makes you hate the sin you once loved and love the righteousness you once hated.

And if you are such a person who thirsts and desires righteousness, Jesus Christ said in (Matthews 5:6) that you are blessed indeed and you shall be filled with His righteousness.

12. Crucified Self.

Crucifying your sinful self will be one of the clear signs that will you if you become a genuine believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

a person who has become a true Christian will crucify self and take up their cross daily to follow Christ even if it’s inconvenient as true Christianity is all about self-denial and if you can’t do that dear, you can’t be a true follower of Christ.

No wonder the apostle Paul said in Galatians 2:20 that He’s crucified with Christ and not himself but Christ now lives in him and directs his life. This will be the case with you as well if you are a true Christian whose old sinful self has been Christ with Christ Jesus.

13. New Nature.

Last but not least having a new nature of Christ is among the most important signs of a true believer that a person will show if they experience genuine conversion.

This new nature of Christ Jesus will be as a result of the new birth one gets when they become genuinely born again after true repentance which leads to genuine salvation and eternal life.

It’s this new nature Paul talks about in Colossians 3:10-20 that will now enable you to live a holy life that’s above sin. Without this new nature of Christ in you preset in all true believers, sin will be impossible for you to overcome.


I hope the above 13 signs of a true believer will now help you understand what being a genuine believer in Christ is all about which isn’t just about miracles.

If you are not yet a true believer but want to after reading this, kindly read this post on how to be truly born again in 7 simple steps which will help you become a true believer today.

In closing, kindly let me know in the comments below if this post has benefited you in some way along with any questions you may have. Be blessed and don’t forget to share, please.

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