12 Characteristics Of A Godly Youth [Who’s Truly Saved.]

If you claim to be a godly youth or teenager, there are several godly characteristics you need to have and this post will look at these 12 characteristics of a godly youth every godly youth has.

The bible tells us in 1 Timothy 4:12 that as young people we need to be godly examples to others and shine the life of our Lord Jesus Christ to others.

In this age we live in, many young people claim to be godly but if you look at their lives closely, it’s the exact opposite of what they profess.

If you are a young person professing Jesus Christ in your life as your author and finisher of your Christian faith, you need to have certain characteristics that will differentiate you from ungodly youths who are without Christ in their lives.

With that said, let’s quickly look at the 12 characteristics of a godly youth you need to have as a young person if you claim to be God’s child with references to bible verses in both the old testament and the new testament.

Who’s A Godly Youth?

A godly youth is simply a Christian youth who lives a life of godliness and righteousness and seeks to follow our Lord Jesus Christ and to live for Him all the days of their lives.

This means that if you are a godly youth who is saved and has eternal life, you will seek to live a holy life characterized by holiness of which without, none will see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14).

So, if you are a godly youth, you won’t seek to live a life of sinful youthful pleasures and lusts that ungodly youths without Christ choose to live but will seek to live for God.

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12 Characteristics Of A Godly Youth.

Below are the 12 major characteristics of a godly youth or teenager that differentiates godly youths filled with the Holy Spirit from ungodly youths.

  • Born Again.
  • Lives A Holy Life.
  • Flees Sexual Immorality.
  • Has All The 9 Fruits Of The Spirit.
  • Walks After The Spirit.
  • Spirit-Filled.
  • Filled With Humility.
  • Reads God’s Word Regularly.
  • Has A Strong Prayer Life.
  • Not Self-Seeking Due To Agape Love.
  • Seeks To Serve God.
  • Loves God More Than Anything.

1. Born Again.

If you are godly youth or a young Christian, you will be truly born again with the new birth experience that makes you have the new nature of Christ Jesus in you that enable you to live a life of godliness.

If you are a young person who isn’t genuinely born again yet, you won’t be able to live a godly life as the old nature of sin will still be active in your life that will make you fulfill the sinful desires of the flesh.

However, if you are truly born again, you will have a new heart and a new spirit in you that will make you become a new creation in Christ Jesus as 2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us.

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2. Lives A Holy Life.

A young Christian or godly teenager will live a life of holiness and righteousness that’s above sin due to the new nature of God in them that Colossians 3:10-20 talks about.

You can’t claim to be a godly youth if you are not living a holy life but are still living and enjoying your life of sin as is the case with many so-called young people who claim to be Christians but still live in sin, especially that of sexual immorality.

As a young Christian or young person who professes Christ, you need to strive to be holy which is doable by God’s grace that teaches us to deny all ungodliness and worldly lusts Titus 2:11,12 talks about which has appeared to all men.

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3. Flees Sexual Immorality.

Another characteristic that will show if a youth is godly is that they will flee sexual immorality as Joseph did in Genesis 39:10-15, which is rampant among many young people today including those who claim to be believers.

The apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 6:18 encourages young people to flee sexual immorality so that they don’t sin against their own bodies as a result of committing sexual sin many young people are guilty of.

As a young Christian in their teenage years, you need to discipline your body and be temperate. Just because your flesh feels tempted to commit sexual sin with the opposite sex doesn’t mean you yield to your carnal fleshly desires. Be disciplined and maintain chastity.

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4. Has All The 9 Fruits Of The Spirit.

A godly youth with the godly character of Christ in them will exhibit all the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit Galatians 5:22,23 talks about which are self-control, love, joy, peace, etc.

Having all the essential 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit as a young Christian is what will differentiate you from ungodly youths out there who are not yet born again and are without the nature of Christ Jesus in them to have these fruits.

Nevertheless, if you are not yet born again, these 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit present in every godly youth and teenager will be nowhere to be seen in your life. Rather, the works of the flesh Galatians 5:19-21 are what will manifest in your life due to your old sinful self.

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5. Walks After The Spirit.

The bible in Galatians 5:16 says that we must walk after the Spirit and not the flesh and this will only be so if you are godly and are filled by the Holy Spirit that empowers you to walk after the Spirit and not the flesh.

If you are a godly youth, you won’t live your life to please your sinful flesh and fulfilling its sinful desires and passions. Instead, you choose to walk after the Spirit by living a holy life that pleases God, not the flesh.

Moreover, if you are not a godly youth yet with the new nature of Christ in you, walking after the Spirit is something you will find hard to do as the old sinful self that makes you fulfill the desires of the flesh hasn’t yet been dealt with.

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6. Spirit-Filled.

A godly youth who lives a life of holiness and godliness that God commands us in 1 Peter 15-17 will also be filled by the Holy Spirit.

Being filled by the Holy Spirit as a young person in your teenage years is what will help you live a Christian life that is holy and undefiled due to the renewing power of God’s Spirit that conforms you into Christ’s likeness day by day.

However, if you are not filled with the Holy Spirit that makes one meek and gentle like Jesus Christ, you won’t be able to live a life of godliness. Instead, you will live a sinful life of rebellion as a spirit of disobedience Ephesians 2:2 talks about is still active in your life.

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7. Filled With Humility.

If you are a godly youth, you will be humble, not proud. Implying that, you won’t have a prideful and haughty spirit that brings destruction as Proverbs 16:18 tells us.

A youth who is godly and humble will not be high-minded and think highly of themselves the way they ought not to. This implies that you won’t exalt yourself above others and think you are better than them.

As a humble Christian youth, you will know that you are nothing without God’s grace in your life and that all that you are in your life you will attribute to the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in your and not by your own ability.

8. Reads God’s Word Regularly.

A godly youth with the godly character of Jesus Christ in them will also love and enjoy reading God’s word daily rather than just wasting countless time on social media reading useless things that don’t even bring spiritual growth.

Reading God’s word daily during your quiet time is a very important godly habit you need to develop as a young person as reading God’s word is what will help you become established in the Lord, guide your path, and strengthen your Christian faith.

If you don’t read your bible daily, your faith will be weak and you be susceptible to Satan’s deceptions as you don’t have God’s word in your life to act as a moral compass to guide you and lighted your path so that you don’t sin as Psalms 119:105 tells us.

9. Has A Strong Prayer Life.

In Luke 22:46, Jesus Christ tells us that we need to pray so that we don’t enter into temptation. Ephesians 6:12-18 further tells us that prayer is a very important spiritual weapon that helps us overcome the devil.

As such, it is why prayer is very crucial for a godly youth who strives to live a godly life as prayer will empower you and give you the spiritual strength you need to pull down the mighty spiritual strongholds in your Christian life hindering you from progressing.

Sadly, many youths are too lazy to pray even for at least 30 minutes daily but can spend countless hours watching worldly T.V shows. This ought not to be so because you are in a spiritual battle as a young Christian that can only be won via fervent prayer.

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10. Not Self-Seeking Due To Agape Love.

A godly youth is not self-seeking but seeks the best interests of others, especially those who are weak or broken down in body or spirit (Isaiah 58:6-7). He or she is like an elder brother or sister who cares for younger brothers and sisters in Christ (I Timothy 5:1).

Such a godly person believes that there is no higher source of authority than God’s Word (Isaiah 55:10). He or she loves others more than themselves (Philippians 2:3-4), even at the expense of their own comfort or desires (Matthew 19:21).

This is made possible due to the presence of agape love in a godly youth imparted to them by Christ 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 talks about that isn’t self-seeking but seeks to serve others in every way possible.

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11. Seeks To Serve God.

As a young person who’s a believer and disciple of Jesus Christ, you will seek to serve God rather than the world all the days of your life.

Implying that you will desire to serve the Lord more than anything in your life be it in youth ministry or any other ministry or church activity such as singing, preaching, etc. that God has called you to do.

A godly youth that seeks to serve God wholeheartedly is blessed indeed as that person has been prepared for every good work meet for the Master’s use as 2 Timothy 3:17 tells us. So, don’t shy from serving God as a youth as most do as great will your reward be in heaven.

12. Loves God More Than Anything.

Last but not least, a Christian youth loves God more than anything else in this world which means that he or she will spend more time with God than anyone else and put God first above anyone or anything in their life.

This implies that God will be your number one priority in your life and since you love Him, you will also desire to obey His word and keep His commandments (John 14:15). You can’t say you love God if you are disobedient to His word as a young Christian youth.

Loving God with all our hearts as Mark 12:30,31 tells us is the first golden rule God has given us which is followed by loving our neighbors as ourselves because if we love God, we will love others, too.

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The above 12 Characteristics of a godly youth are among many out there listed in the bible that every Christian youth professing Christ in their lives will have without fail. In closing, if this post edified you as a Christian youth, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave for others to benefit as well. Stay Godly and remember God in your youth.

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