7 Benefits Of Godliness With Contentment [In A Believer.]

There are many benefits of godliness with contentment to those who choose to embrace it in their lives. It’s easy to get caught up in life’s mundane moments and dwell on what we don’t have.

Rather than focusing on the bigger picture, it seems like we often lose sight of our blessings. We aren’t where we want to be, or in the place, we would like to be, and so we feel unfulfilled.

Thankfully, as Christians, there is a solution as this post will show you the 7 major benefits of godliness with contentment which will once again remind you what true contentment is all about.

What Is Godliness With Contentment?

Godliness with contentment as described in God’s word in 1 Timothy 6:6 is simply the kind of godly contentment that is found in the Lord Jesus Christ that enables believers to live a godly life that shows contentment in all things.

And this contentment which is great gain is godly and can only be found in Christ and not in the world. It’s the only kind of contentment that will help you avoid covetousness and satisfy the deepest desires of thy soul.

As you know, covetousness is now commonplace in these last days we are living in as people are no longer satisfied with what they have and are always wanting to have more than what their next neighbour has.

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7 Major Benefits Of Godly Contentment.

Below are the 7 major benefits of godly contentment that will help you be content in all things in your life. No matter how little.

  • Helps You Avoid Covetousness.
  • Helps You Be Content With Little.
  • Godliness Attracts God’s Blessings.
  • Helps You Avoid Carnal Comparison.
  • Helps You Appreciate What You Have.
  • Helps You Appreciate What You Have.
  • Makes Us Heavenly Minded.

1. Helps You Avoid Covetousness.

One of the most important benefits of godliness with contentment is that it will help you avoid being covetous of other people’s things be it money, spouses, riches and so on.

Being a covetous person simply means you lust and desire to have what others have of which you don’t have and this has become rampant in our current generation as everyone is trying to live up to the Jones of the west today.

People are no longer satisfied and content with what they have and want to have more so that they can show their neighbours that there are richer or better than them.

All this is due to the lack of godly contentment in many people’s lives and if you are such a person who’s always coveting what others have, nothing will ever be enough for you, no matter how much as there will always be someone who will have more than you.

No wonder Jesus Christ warned us of this disease which has ruined many people’s lives in Luke 12:15 reminding us that we must beware of greed, the lust of wanting to be rich and covetousness as one’s life doesn’t consist of the abundance of what they have materially.

2. Helps You Be Content With little.

In addition to helping you avoid covetousness, godly contentment also helps you be content with the little you have as it will make you understand that happiness and joy doesn’t come from being rich or having all the money this world has to offer (Psalms 34:10).

I am sure that you like myself has seen many rich people who seem to have everything in life but their lives are empty and miserable as hell. Why is this? You may wonder. Lack of godly contentment which is great gain is the simple answer to that question.

And on the other hand like myself, I am sure that you have seen seemingly poor people who are content in Jesus Christ without much in life who are happy, joyful and just enjoy life without worrying about money.

The reason why such people are content with little is that they have the right source of contentment which is Jesus Christ and not the mundane material things and riches of this world which can’t even give you eternal life.

This shows that if godly contentment which is found only in Christ Jesus is in your life, you won’t find it difficult to be content with the little you have. Remember, real joy is found in the little things you take for granted.

3. Godliness Attracts God’s Blessings.

You will enjoy God’s blessings and presence in your life if you embrace godliness in your life which will be accompanied by godly contentment that Jesus Christ gives His children which satisfies the deepest desires of your soul.

This is why you must embrace a life of godliness that’s above sin if you want to attract God’s blessing and presence in your life which can only be if you shun sin.

Sadly, most people don’t see the benefits of godliness which is why they don’t bother to live godly as they have been blindfolded and deceived by their sin.

Remember as Paul stated in 1 Timothy 4:8 that godliness is profitable in all things in life which is why living a godly life is a blessing indeed as it’s the lifestyle that will enable you to enjoy the life to come in heaven when you die.

If you are not embracing godliness in your life, it’s high time you started doing so if you want the blessings and contentment of the Lord to follow you all the days of your life until you die.

4. Helps You Avoid Carnal Comparison.

If godliness with contentment which is great gain is reigning in your life, you won’t carnally compare yourself with others who seeming have more than you as you know that the contentment you have in Jesus Christ is more than enough to satisfy your soul (Hebrews 13:5).

With this social media world we currently live in, carnal comparison to others has become a big issue to many people especially women who are now hating their bodies simply they saw another one that was sexier and more beautiful than theirs on Instagram.

And it’s this carnal comparison to others that has led many people into depression and suicide in some cases because they erroneously thought that they will never be good enough.

But one thing you need to know dear if you have been a victim of carnal comparison of your life with others on social media who are flaunting their lifestyles giving a false impression that everything is ok is that not everything you see on social media is true.

Most of the people you see who want to make you believe that everything is fine in their lives also have their issues and struggles they are hiding which they don’t what you to know about.

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5. Helps You Appreciate What You Have.

Another benefit of godly contentment is that it will help you appreciate what you already have no matter how little and keep you from being covetous of other people’s things.

The reason why most people can’t appreciate what they already have and are always comparing themselves with others is due to the covetousness in their hearts that blinds them from seeing the manifold blessings that already exist in their lives.

And such people are always chasing for the next big thing or shiny thing be it more fancy cars, women or houses which can’t even bring true satisfaction to their souls.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we ought to learn and be content in all that we have because 1 Timothy 6:6,7 says that we came with nothing in this world and it’s likely we won’t take anything with us when we die.

This is why you must only rely on Jesus Christ for your contentment in your life as He’s the only one who can fully satisfy the complex desires of your soul and a Shepherd you will never want who leads your soul into green pastures as Psalms 23:1 wonderfully put it.

6. Helps You Avoid The Love Of Money.

1 Timothy 6:10 tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil and has unfortunately made many believers depart from their faith and pierce themselves into many sorrows.

You don’t have to look far to see how the love of money has ruined the lives and faith of many believers who were once strong in the Lord but are now something else today and I am sure just like myself have witnessed that tragedy in many people who were once believers.

But if godly contentment is in your life, you won’t be caught by the snares of the love of money that has destroyed many lives and made them do many abominable things they wouldn’t do otherwise.

As you will understand that money isn’t everything in life because money or the great riches it brings without Christ is nothing and can’t satisfy your soul as most people erroneously think.

So, if you don’t want the love of money to ruin your life or Christian faith, let godliness with contentment which is great gain reign in your life by living a godly life that shows contentment in all things.’

7. Makes Us Heavenly Minded.

Last but not least, the other benefit that godliness with contentment brings in one’s life is that it makes you heavenly minded as it reminds you that this world isn’t your home and that you are just passing by.

When godly contentment is in your life, your mind will be focused on heavenly things where you know your true riches are and not on earthly things which will one day pass away.

This is why Paul tells us in Colossians 3:2 that we must set our affections on things above and not on things of the earth and this will only be possible if you are living a godly life of contentment and not a life of covetousness.

Sadly, many people including some Christians are too earthly minded and engrossed in the rat race of the pursuit of worldly riches which they won’t even take when they die.

Remember, nothing will go with you when you die and godly contentment and not material things is all you need to live a life of happiness and contentment, period.

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Contentment is an attitude that needs to be learned, not just an idea that should be strived for. Besides the 7 benefits of godliness with contentment listed above, countless others apply to you as a Christian. In closing, if this post edified you in some way. Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to share.

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