5 Major Characteristics Of Lot’s Wife [That Doomed Her]

In this post today, we are going to discuss the 5 major characteristics of Lot’s wife that made her end up in the predicament she did.

Lot’s wife is a very interesting bible character in the Old Testament who turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back even when God’s angels instructed her not to.

The story of Lot’s wife in the books of Genesis is a dire warning to all believers today not to look back if they don’t want to share the same fate Lot’s wife did.

It is why our Lord Jesus Christ tells us in Luke 17:32 in the New Testament that we must remember Lot’s wife so that we don’t become like her and end up in the same fate she did.

Having said that, let’s look at the 5 main characteristics of Lot’s wife that will remind us not to turn back the way she did due to her disobedience to simple instructions God gave her and her husband.

What Does Lot’s Wife Represent?

Lot’s wife represents backsliders today who were once Christians but decide to look back and backslid as a result of them turning back.

The story of Lot’s wife serves as a warning to all those who choose to draw back unto perdition through unbelief and lack of faith the Lord says in Hebrews 10:39 that He has no pleasure in them.

Lot’s wife also represents people who have decided to look back to the world due to the love of this present world that has caused many once strong Christians to backslide and go back to the world they once forsook.

This is why as Christians, we must not love this world nor the things that are in it as we will end up like Lot’s wife if the love of the world is still in our hearts.

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5 Characteristics Of Lot’s Wife.

Below are the 5 major characteristics of Lot’s wife that will remind you not to follow her bad example into perdition.

  • Disobedient.
  • Worldly.
  • She Lacked Faith.
  • Backslider.
  • Unbeliever.

1. Disobedient.

One of the major characteristics of Lot’s wife is that she was disobedient which is why instead of being like her husband who obeyed by not looking back, she did otherwise and looked back.

What she wanted to see that prompted her to look back only God knows. All we know is that when she disobeyed the commandments God’s angels told her of not to look back, she immediately turned into a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:26).

Thus, her disobedience to God’s simple instructions made her perish and this serves as a dire warning to all those who think that God doesn’t punish disobedience.

Just as He punished Lot’s wife for her disobedience, God will still punish anyone of us if we don’t repent of our disobedience, no matter our status.

Sadly, many so-called Christians especially women today are just like Lot’s wife even worse which can be seen by the sinful and disobedient lives they live. If such people don’t repent, they will have the same fat Lot’s wife had but this time in hellfire.

2. Worldly.

The other major trail of Lot’s wife we can see in the story of Lot’s wife in Genesis 19:1-26 is that she was worldly and couldn’t bear it that the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah where she once lived were getting destroyed.

Even if she fled the city of Sodom with her husband and her family, her heart was still in Sodom which is why she decided to look back as they were fleeing causing her to turn into a pillar of salt instantly.

The worldly character of Lot’s wife serves as an important lesson to all Christians today as to why they must not love the world nor the things that are of this world as 1 John 2:15-17 tells us as loving the world always leads to backsliding.

Lot’s wife looked back because she still loved Sodom and her heart was still in Sodom. So, when God decided to destroy those two wicked cities, Lot’s wife immediately thought about what she left there and how they were getting destroyed by fire.

Due to her love for Sodom, she looked back and perished along with Sodom. In like manner, if you love the world and the things of this world, you as well will perish with the world like Lot’s wife.

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3. She Lacked Faith.

Another trait Lot’s wife had is that she lacked faith and this lack of faith made her doubt God’s instructions of not looking back that He instructed her through His angels in Genesis 19:26.

Perhaps she thought that what the angels of the Lord told her was not serious enough and that nothing would happen if she only looked back for a second to see how the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.

But, oh boy, how horribly mistaken she was in that when she looked back, she instantly turned into a pillar of salt for her disobedience and lack of faith when she would have been saved like her husband who never looked back.

Lot’s wife serves as an example to all those who don’t believe that God will always do when He has said in His word which is why we must not take God’s word lightly, especially the warnings of judgment to the disobedient.

Even today, many people lack faith and don’t believe God will do what He’s said in His word but I encourage you not to be foolish like Lot’s wife and take God’s word seriously as it always comes to pass.

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4. Backslider.

The other characteristic we can see that Lot’s wife had is that she was a backslider. As we see in Genesis 19:1-26 is that Lot’s wife was nearly saved as well just like her husband Lot.

But due to her backsliding and looking back to what she had left in Sodom, she perished which was unfortunate indeed because if she didn’t look back, she wouldn’t have turned into a pillar of salt and I guess things would have been different.

And many Christians today have become like Lot’s wife who looked back as many of them have gone back to the world they once forsook.

If you are a backslider who looked back, you need to learn something from Lot’s wife so that you don’t end up like her. Fortunate for you, there is still time for repentance and restoration for you if you are reading this.

You don’t have to end up like Lot’s wife because God’s grace is available for you today for you to live a consistent Christian life of not looking back to the world if you get restored.


5. Unbeliever.

Last but not least, we can also see that Lot’s wife was an unbeliever and represents all unbelievers today who lack faith and don’t believe in what God’s word says.

You may wonder why Lot’s wife could be an unbeliever. Well, the simple answer to that question is that she was an unbeliever because she didn’t believe what God told her and the consequences that followed if she disobeyed.

But as we see in Genesis 19:26 that her lack of faith and unbelief cost her dearly. So, if you are a woman, this is a reminder that you must not be like Lot’s wife and be an unbeliever like her.

So, if you are an unbeliever out there who doesn’t believe in God or what His word says, just know that you will face the same fate Lot’s wife did but this time it will be in hell as Revelations 21:8 tells us.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an unbeliever like Lot’s wife and you can repent of your unbelief today and ask Jesus Christ to reveal Himself in your life and you will never regret doing that once you do that.

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I hope the above 5 characteristics of Lot’s wife will help you not to look back on your Christian Journey so that you don’t end up in the same predicament Lot’s wife did. In closing, if this post edified your soul, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Remain steadfast and don’t look back.

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