7 Sure Steps To Salvation To Help You Be Truly Saved Now

This post today will show you the 7 steps to salvation according to the bible that will guarantee you genuine salvation and eternal life so that you can escape the wrath to come that will befall all unsaved people.

Sadly, there are so many false teachings out there on how to be saved to make it to heaven but this simple article will help you know what genuine salvation is and be sure of it.

By the end of this post, if you are not saved yet, you will be saved and have a genuine salvation experience you will never forget if you only take what you will read below to heart and you will be eternally grateful for all eternity that you came across this post this very day.

With that said, let’s look at the 7 guaranteed steps to salvation that will help you become truly saved from sin so that you can have a genuine salvation experience today and be heaven-ready.

7 Simple Steps To Genuine Salvation.

If you want to be saved and receive the forgiveness of your sins and be sure you are on your way to heaven, here are the 7 simple steps to salvation you need to do to be saved right now if you mean it.

  • Hear God’s Word.
  • Believe In The Lord Jesus Christ
  • Confess Your Sins.
  • Repent Of Your Sins.
  • Forsake Your Sins.
  • Be Baptized.
  • Be Faithful To The End.

1. Hear God’s Word.

The Bible in Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing God’s word.  In short, hearing God’s word on salvation is the first step you must take to be saved.

Without hearing God’s word on salvation, you can’t be saved because you won’t know what you must do to be saved in the first place and how can you call on Him in whom you haven’t believed in thine heart (Romans 10:14).

So, in short, to be saved from God’s wrath, you need to hear the good news of salvation from the preacher or any sound servant of the Lord, not false ones who only want to make money off the tithes you give every Sunday to church.

After hearing this good news of salvation which is what the gospel is all about, you also need to believe in this good news if you want to receive salvation by faith in this very living word of God which is life.

Once you hear this good news of eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ, don’t postpone your repentance because today is that day of salvation as tomorrow isn’t promised (2 Corinthians 6:2).

2. Believe In The Lord Jesus Christ.

Once you hear God’s word on salvation, the next logical step you must take to be saved is you must believe in Jesus’s death on the cross of Calvary and resurrection as written in the scriptures.

If you don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you won’t be saved and you will be damned as the bible wonderfully put it in John 3:18. Don’t be that person, dear.

It’s by believing and accepting Christ in your heart that you will obtain your salvation and escape the impending wrath that will come upon all unrepentant sinners who never believed and rejected Christ during their earthly lives.

You don’t want to be that unfortunate soul, dear that is full of regrets on the final day of separation on judgment day. If you don’t believe that Christ died for your sins, you won’t obtain the remission and forgiveness of your sins and you have to die in them and go to hellfire.

Today is the time to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the men did in Acts 2:37. If you want to be truly saved right now, you will be saved indeed. It’s that urgent for your soul and doesn’t delay your salvation any longer because of unbelief.

3. Confess Your Sins.

In Proverbs 28:13, the bible says that whoever shall confess and forsake their sins shall obtain mercy and this is the third logical step you must take to be saved.

By confessing your sins by admitting you are a sinner deserving of hell, you show humility and that you are truly sorry for your sins and for breaking God’s law of righteousness.

But if you don’t confess your sins in your sinful pride and later do not forsake them, it shows that you are not serious about the salvation of your precious and priceless soul which is at stake.

Now, just confessing your sins isn’t enough. You need to go an extra step by forsaking them as this will show that your repentance is genuine and not fake.

Sadly, most people only confess their sins but are not willing to forsake them which is why they can’t be saved and receive forgiveness for their sins.

4. Repent Of Your Sins.

The fourth logical step you must take to receive salvation is you must repent of your sins which brings eternal death and eternal separation from God (Acts 3:19).

Repentance according to the bible is simply the changing of one’s mind and heart towards sin and turning from them to God by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior.

Accepting Christ as your personal Lord and savior in your heart dear is crucial for salvation because, without this crucial step, you won’t be saved even if you follow all the other steps mentioned in this post below.

It’s by repenting and forsaking your sins is forgiveness from God for your sins possible which must be with godly sorrow that leads to repentance and salvation in the first place (2 Corinthians 7:10). Without it, salvation won’t take place at all and you won’t be saved.

By repenting of your sins, you say yes to God and no to Satan, your arch-enemy of your soul who brings nothing but destruction to his followers.

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5. Forsake Your Sins.

Forsaking your sins after repenting of them by accepting God’s son in your life is another crucial step to take to receive genuine salvation that comes bundled with eternal life.

Remember, dear, it’s only when you confess and forsake your sins will you obtain mercy from our Lord Jesus Christ (Proverbs 28:13).

The reason why most people don’t receive genuine salvation and stop sinning is that they only confess their sins with no intention of forsaking them due to the love of sin still present in their hearts.

Built if God’s grace that brings salvation unto all men comes upon your life, you won’t have any difficulty in forsaking your past sinful lifestyle and denying all forms of ungodliness and worldly lust you were once involved in (Titus 2:11).

If you claim you have repented but still have not forsaken your sinful lifestyle, then your repentance is fake and you still need that new birth experience that comes with genuine salvation, dear for you to hate your past sinful lifestyle and have no pleasure in it.

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6. Be Baptized.

Though water baptism alone doesn’t necessarily save you from your sins contrary to the most popular false teachings out there preached on the pulpits of false churches and false teachers, you must do it to signify your new life in Christ (1 Peter 3:31).

Water baptism is simply a way of declaring and signifying that you are now new in Christ following after His righteousness and dead to your old sinful past (Romans 6:3).

You must also be baptized mainly because it’s the commandment from our Lord Jesus Christ and, when you become saved with a new life in Christ, you will certainly want to be baptized and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Additionally, getting baptized enables you to be endowed with the power of the Holy Ghost who will be of great help on your Christian journey and for effective soul-winning which you must do, anyway after getting saved.

If you are not baptized, you will not receive this power from on high and you will struggle on your Christian journey. The early Christians were so effective during the early church because they were filled with the Holy Spirit obtained when they got baptized after getting saved.

7. Be Faithful To The End.

After completing all the six steps above on getting saved which you must be by now if you took the above message at heart, the only thing to do is to be faithful to the end.

Why be faithful to the end if you may ask? The simple answer to that question is Christ said in Matthew 24:13 that only those who reach the end will be saved.

This simply means that when you begin your new Christian journey with Christ Jesus, you must not give up until the end because if you do, then you have just wasted your time and you won’t enter heaven in the end which will be sad indeed after all these years.

And you don’t want this to be you, my dear. My encouragement to you my dear saint who has started this new walk in Christ is to be strong in the Lord and endure to the end and by God’s grace, you will do it. Even if others give up don’t as salvation is personal.

If others have managed to do it, why not you? Fight a good fight of faith so that you can receive the crown of life in the end so that one day you will proudly say you have fought a good fight of faith and finished your race like Paul said in 2 Timothy 4:7-10).

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Closing Remarks.

There you have it the 7 simple steps to salvation and by now you must have your eternal salvation if you followed the above 7 steps by believing in Jesus with all your heart.

I encourage you not to delay your salvation because you don’t know what tomorrow holds or whether you will be alive by then. Today is the day of salvation saith the Lord of hosts.

In closing, if this post on how to be saved according to the bible was of immense value to you, kindly share it with others who need salvation as it’s urgent for their souls. Be blessed.

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