7 Blessings Of Obedience To God True Believers Enjoy.

There are many blessings of obedience to God that truly saved Christians enjoy and in this post, we will look at 7 of these blessings that come with obeying God and His word.

Throughout the Bible in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, the bible mentions many blessings that come if we obey the Lord and His word.

Obedience to God is a profound and transformative aspect of one’s spiritual journey, offering a myriad of blessings that extend beyond the confines of religious rituals.

Embracing a life of obedience to God brings about a deep sense of purpose, peace, and fulfillment. So, if you want to be blessed by God in your life, don’t live a disobedient life.

With that said Here are seven blessings of obedience to God that you will enjoy as a true believer if you live a life of total and complete obedience to God.

7 Blessings Of Obeying God.

Below are the 7 vital blessings you will enjoy as a true Christian by obeying God and His word in this life and in the world to come in eternity.

  • Attracts God’s Blessings.
  • Brings Harmony In Relationships.
  • Divine Protection And Provision.
  • Attracts The Presence Of The Holy Spirit.
  • Eternal Rewards In Heaven.
  • Answered Prayers.
  • Makes You A Heavenly Candidate.

1. Attracts God’s Blessings.

One of the first major benefits of obeying God is it will attract His manifold blessings of all kinds in your Christian life if you are God’s child. On the other hand, if you live a disobedient life, forget about God blessing you, no matter how hard you pray.

It’s why we are even told in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy 28:13 that if we obey the Lord and His statutes, we will be the head and not the tail. The above chapter further mentions other blessings that will come with keeping the statutes of God.

Sadly, many so-called Christians only want blessings for God while living a sinful life of disobedience and rebellion to God and His word but it doesn’t work that way.

If you want all the days of your life to be blessed and free of the curses of the Egyptians Deuteronomy 30:7 tells us you just have to live a life of obedience to God and His word.

2. Brings Harmony In Relationships.

Obeying God also brings harmony in all kinds of relationships we find ourselves in be it friendships or marriages between wife and husband. If we all obey God’s word concerning relationships, we will not hurt each other.

We all know that when it comes to relationships our Lord Jesus Christ tells us in His word that we must love each other the way He first loved us (John 13:34).

The reason why many relationships be it marriage or friendships are in such a deplorable state today is people are not abiding by God’s commandments concerning relationships as many people have become selfish and self-centered.

Obedience to God, on the other hand, fosters qualities like love, forgiveness, and empathy, creating harmony in relationships. As individuals prioritize divine principles in their interactions, they contribute to the well-being of others, and communities and promote unity.

3. Divine Protection And Provision.

The other blessing that true Christians who are obedient to the Lord and His word enjoy is they enjoy divine protection from evil and other schemes of the enemy.

We are told in Isaiah 54:17 that if we are obedient children of God who shun sin, no weapon formed against us will prosper and every tongue that rises against us in judgment shall we condemn.

But that scripture will only apply to you if you live a life of obedience to God. However, if you live a disobedient life of sin, that scripture won’t apply to you and the divine protection of God will not be in your life

Henceforth, you will be vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy and all the calamities and curses that come with disobeying the Lord mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:14-28 will be the portion of your life.

4. Attracts The Presence Of The Holy Spirit.

The presence of the Holy Spirit is another promise and blessing that you will enjoy as a true obedient believer who wants to live a life of obedience to God’s law.

Having the Holy Spirit in your life is vital as a true Christian as He’s the one who will help you obey God’s word and keep you from stumbling into sin by reproving and correcting you when you slip up.

We are also told in Isaiah 59:19 that God’s Spirit is also responsible for protecting all true Christians who live obedient Christian lives by raising the standard when the enemy comes like a flood.

It’s the reason why as a truly obedient Christian witches and demons can’t harm you in any way as you are surrounded by the impenetrable fire of God’s protection that will scare these cowards away from doing you any harm.

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5. Eternal Rewards In Heaven.

In addition to the earthly blessings and abundant prosperity the Lord promises in Deuteronomy 28:1-13 for our obedience to Him and His commandments, we are also promised eternal rewards in heaven if we live obedient lives till the end.

This implies that once you live in this troublesome wicked world and die in the Lord as an obedient child of God, you will be ushered into heaven where you will receive your incorruptible eternal rewards for your service and obedience to the Lord while on earth.

On the other hand, if you live a life of sin and disobedience and pride like the heathens who don’t know God, these eternal rewards promised in James 1:12 like the crown of life will not apply to you.

Instead, your reward and portion will be an eternity in hell fire prepared for the devil and his angels along with all those who decide to live in willful sin and rebellion to God’s commandments.

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6. Answered Prayers.

Being obedient to God and His holy law also brings about answered prayers to the prayer requests we make to Him. We are told in Jeremiah 33:3 that if we call upon the Lord, He will answer us.

Moreover, that scripture will only apply to you if you are living a life of holiness, righteousness, and obedience to the Lord and if you delight in obeying and keeping His statutes. So, if you want answered prayers, obey and keep God’s commandments.

Otherwise, if you are living a sinful life of disobedience, your prayers won’t be answered, no matter how hard you pray and fast till the breaking of dawn.

It’s why Proverbs 28:9 tells us if we turn our ears from hearing and obeying God’s word, our prayers will be an abomination to Him. Implying that our prayers if we are living disobedient sinful lives will be irritating and be unanswered by God.

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7. Makes You A Heavenly Candidate.

Last but not least, obedience to God will make you a heavenly candidate which will enable you to make it to heaven at last when your earthly life is over.

Implying that if you die today as a holy person living a holy life that’s above sin and in complete obedience to Jesus Christ, you will straight away be ushered into heaven (1 Cor 5:8). Won’t that be beautiful?

Of course, it will. This is why you need to repent today as you are reading this if you have been living a life of disobedience to God so that you don’t miss heaven and go to hell.

Remember, heaven is not for disobedient people and only those who were obedient to God’s word on earth will enter heaven as sin and rebellion that made Satan to be cast out of heaven can’t be allowed there.


I hope the above 7 blessings of obedience to God will encourage you to live a life of obedience to the Lord so that the above-mentioned blessings can be a reality in your life.

In closing, if this post has edified your soul, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave as many believers need to see this. God bless.

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