7 Benefits Of Having A Pure Heart [That’s Heaven-Ready]

There are many benefits that come with having a pure heart that’s undefiled by sin and this post today will look at the 7 major befits of having a pure heart that will motivate you to be pure.

It can be difficult to remain pure in a world where immorality is so openly practiced and accepted. Despite the challenges, you are called to remain pure if you want to see God (Matthews 5:8).

With that said, let’s quickly look at the 7 major benefits of having a pure heart with reference to some bible verses that will inspire you to keep your heart pure and unspotted from sin.

What Is Purity Of Heart?

Purity of heart means having motives that are pure, uncompromised, and undefiled. Matthews 5:8 tells us that the pure in heart will see God.

Therefore, the purity of heart allows us to see and understand things from God’s perspective and not from our sinful fleshy perspective that is flawed.

Also, the purity of heart means having a heart that is free from sinful and carnal desires of the flesh that inherently come with our sinful hearts due to our fallen nature.

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7 Important Benefits Of A Pure Heart.

  • You Will See God.
  • God’s Spirit Indwells In You.
  • You Will Live A Holy Life With Ease.
  • You Will Have A Clean Conscience.
  • You Will Have Pure Desires.
  • You Will Be Free From Bitterness.
  • You Will Be Filled With God’s Love.

1. You Will See God.

The above benefit is the most important benefit of having a pure heart, which must motivate you to keep your heart holy, pure and undefiled from the evil pollutions of this world.

No wonder the Lord Jesus Christ tells us in Matthews 5:8 that those who have a pure heart are blessed indeed, as they will eventually see God in heaven in His full glory when all is said and done with their earthly lives.

You must remember that only people who have a clean heart that has been purged and purified by the blood of the Lamb can enter heaven as no unclean thing will ever set foot on heaven as Revelations 21:27 tells us.

So, if your heart hasn’t been purified yet, you need to ask God to create in you a clean heart that’s been cleansed from sin the way Kind David did in the old testament in Psalms 51:10-12 when he fell into the sin of adultery.

It’s not too late to ask the Lord to give you a clean heart, no matter how deeply buried you are in your sins. You can have your heart purified and made whiter than snow today if you come to Jesus Christ in genuine repentance and godly sorrow.

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2. God’s Spirit Indwells In You.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is one of the major benefits of having a pure heart that you will have as a believer if you are living a holy life and eschewing evil and sin.

1 Corinthians 6:19 tells us that our bodies are indeed the temples of the Holy Ghost who dwells inside our hearts which is why you can’t afford to defile yourself with sin as the Holy Spirit can’t dwell in people who defile themselves with sin.

On the other hand, if you condone sin in your life and defile your heart with sin,  the Holy Spirit won’t dwell in you as He’s too holy to dwell in a temple which is our body in this case that’s defiled by sin.

Therefore, if you want the presence of the Holy Spirit to be in your life, you need to maintain a heart of purity by keeping sin and evil as far away as possible from your life so that you don’t get defiled.

As a true believer, it’s your sole responsibility to maintain a heart of holiness and purity if you don’t want the Holy Spirit to depart from you as your body is the temple of God’s Spirit that indwells in you as the apostle Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 3:16.

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3. You Will Live A Holy Life With Ease.

If you are a person who maintains a heart of purity, you will find it easy to live a life of holiness and righteousness, which are prerequisites for one to enter heaven (Hebrews 12:14).

This will be so because if your heart is pure, you will also have pure desires and not sinful ones. In short, you will only desire to follow righteousness and not sin if you have a new pure heart the Lord promises in Ezekiel 36:26 to every believer.

However, if your heart is not pure, it will be filled with evil desires of the flesh that will make you desire to sin which is why sinning will be more attractive to you due to the sin that’s still in your heart that hasn’t been purified yet.

Therefore, all the works of the flesh that Galatians 5:19-21 talks about in the new testament are what will be made manifest in your life because your sinful heart where all manner of evil and sin comes from is not pure yet with new desires.

On the other hand, if your heart is pure, you will manifest the 9 fruits of the Spirit Galatians 5:22,23 talks about because you now have a clean heart that is Christ-like in nature and that your sinful heart that made you sin has been done away with.

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4. You Will Have A Clean Conscience.

A clean conscience will also be one of the main benefits of having a pure heart that you will enjoy as a believer if your heart has been cleansed and purified from all sin by the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses one from all sin.

This implies that the evil conscience you once had when your heart was sinful will no longer be there which made you call good evil and evil good.

An evil conscience is a reason why unsaved people or sinners love their sin and hate righteousness and this can be seen a lot in the times we live in today where people now call good evil and evil good as prophesied in Isaiah 5:20-23.

But if your heart gets cleansed and purified, the evil conscience that comes with a sinful heart will also be done away with and replaced with a good conscience that’s clean and void of offense towards God and man (Acts 24:16).

Many benefits come with having a clear conscience coming from a pure heart one of which is that if your conscience is clean, you will be free from the guilt and condemnation sin brings upon every sinner that is why you must strive for a heart of purity.

5. You Will Have Pure Desires.

If you are a person with a pure heart that’s holy and sanctified by the blood of the Lamb, you will have pure desires that are holy and righteous.

You must understand that our desires whether good or evil comes from our hearts which is why Proverbs 4:23 tells us to guard our heart with all diligence as out of our hearts is where all issues of life come from.

And ensuring that you have pure desires in your heart and not evil desires that lead you into sin is part of guarding your life with all diligence as it’s not all the desires of your heart that must be listened to as some of them are sinful.

Every sinful and evil act you see people commit in society be it sexual immorality, murder, drunkenness, and so on was conceived in the heart first as sin is in the heart (Psalms 140:2).

But if your heart is purified, you will no longer be troubled by the evil and sinful desires of the flesh that come with a sinful and wicked heart we are all born with as that dirty heart has been done away with by Christ.

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6. You Will Be Free From Bitterness.

A person with a pure heart won’t have issues with bitterness, anger, or malice towards others because their heart has been sanctified by the blood.

The bile in Ephesians 4:31 tells us that we must let go of all bitterness, anger, wrath and so on which come from our hearts especially if they haven’t been cleansed yet from the sinful Adamic nature we are born with.

If your heart has not been cleansed yet from the sinful Adamic nature, you will find it difficult to let go of the bitterness or anger you have towards others especially those who have wronged you.

It’s quite amazing to see that some people can be bitter towards others for even more than a decade because of what they did to them a long time ago. However, if your heart gets purified, anger or bitterness will have no place in your life at all.

All this is due to the nature of our sinful hearts that naturally loves revenge and hates forgiveness as it’s human nature to want revenge on anyone who does us wrong because our hearts are inherently evil (Jeremiah 17:9).

7. You Will Be Filled With God’s Love.

Last but not least, a person with a pure heart will be filled with God’s agape love which is pure and selfless in nature that enables one to love another without any selfish motives that come with natural human love that only loves if it has something to get in return.

On the other hand, if you have an impure heart that you are naturally born with, this pure agape love 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 talks about will be nowhere to be seen in your life.

We are all naturally selfish and self-centered due to our fallen nature which is why we can’t truly love others the way Jesus Christ expects us to as He has commanded us in John 13:34 to love others as He loved us first.

How did Jesus love us first? Well, Hel loved us while we were yet sinners as Romans 5:8 tells us. We didn’t deserve the love, God, through His Son, Jesus Christ gave us which is why Christ died for our sins knowing that we might never love Him back.

Therefore, if your heart is pure and filled with God’s love, you will love others selflessly even if they don’t deserve your love as you understand that you as well didn’t deserve God’s love. You won’t say that you will only love someone if they love you back.

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I hope the above 7 benefits of having a pure heart will motivate you to maintain a heart of purity and holiness in your Christina faith so that you can see God in heaven in all His glory when you leave this troublesome wicked world. Stay blessed and don’t forget to share with others.

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