7 Major Dangers Of Lukewarm Christianity (+Sermon)


What are the dangers of lukewarm Christianity? Why do many people seem to have fallen into the trap of lukewarm Christianity? This is what this article will address today It’s no surprise that many believers today are becoming lukewarm in their faith especially in these last days we are living in without being aware of …

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11 Traits Of Ungodly People (That Defines Who They Are.)


This post today will show you the 11 traits of ungodly people that all ungodly people exhibit in their lifestyles which is contrary to the bible. All evil and wicked people have certain characteristics that make them easy to identify that are different from truly born-again believers walking in righteousness. And by the end of …

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11 Signs Of Being Born Again (Every Christian Must Have)


What are the signs of being born again? How can you know if you’re saved? These are the question you may be struggling with in your mind as you have come to this post. This article discusses biblical salvation and some of the 11 common signs of being born again. If you’re wondering if you’re …

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