What Does Taking Up Your Cross Daily Really Mean?

In this post today, you are going to discover what the phrase,” taking up your cross daily and follow me,” really means which Jesus Christ uttered in Matthews 16:24.

The cross symbolizes the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ that He endured for our sins so that you and I can be saved from sin and have salvation and eternal life.

The cross is also used to symbolize the suffering all believers who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ must be willing to endure if we are to be His true disciples indeed.

One thing you need to know early on is that Christianity isn’t a bed of roses where things will just go smoothly in your Christian life without any suffering. But it’s a life of self-denial and bearing your cross.

Sadly, not many are willing to take up their cross and endure suffering for the sake of Christ Jesus. If you are such a person, then, you can’t be a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

You need to understand that suffering and bearing your cross for Christ’s sake is just part of the deal you sign up for when you choose to become a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ.

The good news is that you will be richly rewarded in heaven if you choose to suffer for the sake of Jesus Christ and share in His suffering by carrying your cross even if it’s inconvenient for the flesh and self to bear.

With that said, let’s look at what the phrase,” taking up your cross daily,” really means and the implications it has on your Christian life as a believer.

What Does The Cross Symbolize?

The cross symbolizes our sacrifice for the Christian faith. It is a reminder that we are called to live as Jesus lived, and that we must follow his example of self-sacrifice, love, and service.

Also, the cross reminds us that Jesus Christ did die for our sins on the cross, was buried, and rose again three days later so that we can have salvation and eternal life through His death and resurrection.

Additionally, the cross is also a reminder of Christ’s victory over death and sin through his death and resurrection. Through His death on the cross, we can live victorious Christian lives that are above sin.

When Jesus was on the cross, he was suffering for our sins so that we can be saved from hell and the eternal death sin brings to an individual (Romans 6:23). He knew that he was going to die for all humanity and that he would be raised from the dead.

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What Does It Mean To Carry Your Cross Daily?

The cross is the ultimate symbol of sacrifice, suffering, and death. It is a symbol of divine love, sacrifice, and redemption as well as an act of self-sacrifice that we must make daily to be able to live with God.

Jesus Christ is the perfect example who shows us what carrying the cross is all about. When we take up our cross daily, it means that we are willing to give up everything for Christ’s sake.

The way to take up your cross daily is by doing what God has called you to do that is to live as Jesus lived. Implying that we must follow him in all that he said, including being willing to suffer pain and loss and rejection for His sake.

Carrying your cross daily also means denying self as self hates the things of God and anything that disturbs its comfort. Our sinful self always desires comfort and to do things its own way rather than God’s way.

But Jesus Christ Made it clear in Luke 9:23 that anyone who desires to come after Him must deny themselves to take up their crosses daily to follow Him even if it inconveniences the flesh and self.

By so doing, you agree that you will be willing to endure suffering or even death for the sake of Jesus Christ just as early disciples did.

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Carrying Your Cross Means Suffering For Christ.

You need to understand that you can’t be a true disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ if you are not willing to suffer or die for Him. Remember, Christ faced death on the cross for your sake even when it was not easy for Him to do.

Therefore, there is no reason as to why you must not be willing to face death or suffering as well for your Christian faith if you are indeed His true disciple.

Jesus Christ also goes on to further say in John 12:25 in the new testament that if you love your life and do not deny yourself by fully giving up your life for Him, you will lose it.

On the other hand, He further said that if you are willing to lose your life for His sake i.e. to be willing to die for His sake, you will save it and have eternal life in the end.

However, you can only hate your life if you are willing to deny yourself and die for Christ’s sake. Otherwise, you won’t be willing to die for Jesus Christ or your faith if you love your life too much.

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You Must Be Willing To Die To Self Daily.

Carrying your cross also means that you must be willing to die to self daily as part of taking up your cross daily which is what true discipleship is all about.

Implying that you need to give up all your desires and give up your life, will, and dreams even if they cost you just for the sake of Jesus Christ.

In Luke 14:27, Jesus Christ says that anyone unwilling to sacrifice their life or die to their selves cannot be His true disciple as true discipleship encompasses dying to self and being willing to give it all up for Jesus Christ.

Naturally, our old sinful self is usually unwilling to give up its sinful desires and comforts that please it for the sake of Christ Jesus and endure suffering just for Him.

Our old sinful self loves pleasing itself rather than pleasing God. Dying to self implies that you are willing to starve self of the things that please it for the sake of pleasing Jesus Christ.

It also means crucifying your sinful self daily as the apostle Paul tells us in Galatians 5:24 along with its sinful desires and passions that make us live sinful lives that are contrary to God’s word.

When you truly die to your sinful self, you will only do things that please God even if it inconveniences your sinful self. It also means that you no longer live for yourself but for your Master Jesus Christ only.

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I hope the above post on what it means to take up your cross daily has helped you understand what taking up your cross daily is all about.

Taking up your cross daily is what true discipleship is all about. Only when you do that, can you can yourself a true disciple and follower of Jesus Christ.

In closing, if this post has helped you become a better Christian by helping you deny yourself, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Godbless.

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