Does God Care About How We Dress? (Find Out The Truth.)

Does God care about how we dress as Christians? I am sure you have heard this question several times and this is the touchy subject this post will deal with today.

A simple Google search on whether God cares about dressing returns several different results all saying one thing or the other. Some say God cares about how we dress while others say He doesn’t.

However, to know which is correct, we need to look at what scriptures have to say on this matter about the appropriate clothing a Christian woman or Christian man must wear.

As a truly born-again Christian, you need to remember that God does care about our outward appearance and the way we represent ourselves to Him.

With that said, let’s find out if God cares about how we dress as Christians so that you can know the truth concerning the appropriate dress code and clothing Christians must wear.

What The Bible Says About Modesty?

The bible has a lot to say about modesty and how you must dress as a Christian woman, especially in our current generation we live in where immodesty is encouraged and viewed as a beauty standard.

1 Timothy 2:9,10 tells us in the New Testament that women must adorn themselves in modest apparel and not adorn themselves with expensive and flamboyant clothing or expensive jewelry.

Implying that as a Christian woman, you must dress in a modest way that won’t attract the unwanted attention of the opposite gender or dress in a way that displays vanity as worldly women do.

Your dressing must show humility and show you are indeed God’s son or His daughter and above all bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ who wants you to display holiness even in the way you dress.

God Cares About Modesty.

Even in the Old Testament, we see that God cares about modesty and how we dress which is why Exodus 20:26 tells us that we must cover our nakedness especially when we are in the presence of the Lord.

Sadly, many Christian ladies haven’t heeded the above scriptures and dress in a very sensual and provocative way that exposes their sensitive body parts that only their husbands are meant to see.

It’s not uncommon nowadays to see professing Christian women and young ladies wear very tight, short, and revealing dresses that expose their thighs and underpants when they sit down which is abominable in God’s sight.

Just look around you and see how many women dress immodestly and see nothing wrong with exposing their delicate body parts even in the church, sadly.

God Caress About Your Dressing.

But as a Christian woman who is truly saved, you need to understand that you can’t afford to play a harlot in the way you dress or make your fellow brothers in Christ stumble as men are visual creatures.

As a Christian woman, you need to remember that God definitely cares how you dress and anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you and not telling you the truth.

If God didn’t care how you dress as a Christian, then He wouldn’t have asked you to cover your nakedness, dress modestly in modest apparel, or not appear like the world.

I know the subject of modesty and Christian dressing is a touchy issue in many churches today but the truth concerning this matter of dressing needs to be addressed.

You need to understand that as a Christian woman or Christian man, you must not dress like the world or be like the world in your outward appearance as you are not of this world.

Implying that you must not dress in a way that will identify you with this wicked world. Otherwise, if you desire to dress like the world, it shows you haven’t experienced true conversion yet.

How Christian Women & Men Must Dress?

I am sure you have asked this question before as a young Christian lady or gentleman. The Bible has a lot to say about how you must dress and the clothing you must wear as a Christian woman or Christian gentleman.

The apostle Paul tells women in 1 Timothy 2:9,10 as we saw early that women must adorn themselves with modest apparel that reflects modesty, shamefacedness, and self-control.

He further says in the above verse that professing Christian women must not dress in a flamboyant way with expensive clothing or costly attire that displays vanity and worldliness.

Implying as a Christian woman, your dressing must display humility and reflect the character of Christ Jesus in you showing that you are truly separated from this present evil world that says it’s okay to dress immodestly and expose your delicate body parts.

As a Christian lady and a beloved daughter of Jesus Christ, aspire to dress in a godly and feminine manner and avoid dresses and pants that expose your geometrical body shape or contours.

This means that as a Christian lady, wear dresses that sufficiently cover your nakedness and won’t expose your thighs and innerwear when you bend or sit down in public.

You must respect your body by clothing it sufficiently so as not to reveal your sensitive body parts for men to stumble and lust after. Sadly, this isn’t the case with many so-called Christian ladies who see nothing wrong with immodest clothing.

Avoid Ungodly Immodest Dressing.

Many ladies including Christian ones nowadays dress in a very tempting and provocative way even in church, just look at social media like Instagram and the pictures many so-called Chrisman women show.

Many of these pictures they show are semi-naked and think it’s beautiful to expose your sensitive body parts in public in the name of fashion.

As God’s daughter, you must not participate in these evil practices of flaunting your nakedness in public or social media.

You need to understand as a Christian woman, you are to be separate from the world even in the way you dress as you are called unto holiness and righteousness even in the clothes you wear.

So, if the ungodly women of this world, see no problem in flaunting their nakedness and exposing their sensitive body parts in public or social media, it doesn’t mean you must follow suit.

Dress in a way that will clearly show that you are different from the world and point others to Christ. Wear proper clothing and attire that will show you are not of this world.

Avoid all ungodly world fashion be it dresses and pants that reveal your delicate body parts. Instead, choose modest dresses that identify you with being a true Christian.

How Christian Men Must Dress?

The bible too, does tell men to dress modestly, and modest Christian dressing isn’t just for women but me also. Yes, men, too are commanded to dress modestly and not expose their manliness for the public to see.

I am sure if you are a gentleman you know where I am going about this. For instance, it’s not uncommon for men to dress immodestly and sensually in the bid for women to admire them lustfully.

For example, I am sure you see a lot of men scantily dressed in underpants that easily expose the outline of their manhood as well in public proudly exposing their chests in a sensual way to be admired by women

Yes, most churches put a lot of emphasis on women dressing immodestly but men do that, too, and need to be rebuked about it as modesty isn’t just for women but men as well.

You are to clothe and dress in a way that shows humility and brings glory to God as well as reflects the righteousness of Christ in you.

Dress In A Masculine Manner.

As a young Christian man, don’t fall into the temptation of trying to expose yourself in front of girls or women to admire your six-pack. Only your beloved wife must know if you have a six-pack or not.

The dress code Christian men are commanded to follow is straightforward. As a Christian man, you must always aspire to dress in a masculine manner and avoid any type of cross-dressing.

Crossdressing is something a Christian man must have nothing to do with as that is the effeminacy that 1 Corinthians 6:9,10 talks about. If you do such things as cross-dressing that makes you look like a woman, you won’t enter heaven.

Implying that as a man, you must not wear dresses as that’s women’s clothing just as women must not wear pants belonging to men which is abominable in God’s sight as Deuteronomy 22:5 tells us.

To sum up, as a Christian gentleman don’t dress or wear clothes that expose your sensitive private parts in public. Cover your chest and privates. Don’t be like worldly men who want to expose themselves to the world.


I hope and pray the above brief post has helped you understand that indeed God cares about how we dress and present ourselves to Him.

To sum up, as a Christian woman, dress and wear modest clothing that makes you look feminine, and likewise Christian men must wear clothes that make them look masculine.

In closing, if this post has edified you to be more modest, comment below and let me know if you have any questions concerning what you have read. God bless.

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  1. Hello,my question is ,why do pastors,Rev,priest allow women who clothing expose their delicate body parts yet they have authorities to stop such women to enter church in that manner.

    • Good question. One of such reasons is many of such pastors are fake pastors who are unready to teach the truth of the bible as it is which is why they can’t speak about worldliness and immodest dressing rampant among many so-called fake Christian women for the fear of losing members. Hope my brief answer has cleared your doubts concerning your question. God bless.

  2. I have been so laboring over surrendering my life to Christ, and have been doing so for 50 yrs. I know i have believing faith. I believe with all my heart, but Gods word tells me the devils believe also and are damed. This one sentence of Gods word confuses me that believing is not enough. Many followed Jesus Christ and many followed Him no more. I have come towards the end of my days and fear my faith in the gospel is not true salvation because I have never ever surrendered self and truly worked inwardly to pls. Him.
    I KNOW i should and your page has shown me the path to do so. I like to know that when i die i will go to heaven….What do you believe and know of my place in life as i have stated to you. tks for your web. site….it is helpful

    • Glad you found the post helpful just draw closer to God with all your heart and He will draw closer to you and repent from any going besetting sin in your life that’s affecting your relationship with God and all will be fine. God bless.


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