5 Examples Of Carnality [Present In All Carnal People].

The bible talks about many examples of carnality in both the Old Testament and the New Testament that characterizes carnal people who are without Christ in their lives.

This article will however focus on the 5 major examples of carnality that are common among many carnal people and carnal Christians today that you are aware of but turn a blind eye on.

With that said, let’s lo at the 5 examples of carnality with reference to bible verses that will show if someone is carnal.

What Is Carnality? Biblical Definition.

The Bible Dictionary defines carnality as “the state of being carnal, or fleshly; disposition to live according to the flesh, i.e., sinful lusts.

 It is opposed to spiritual nature, leading men and women to seek happiness in the gratification of their sensual desires and appetites.”

Carnality is not just about what we do, but what we think and why we do it. It is a state of mind focused on self rather than God. The apostle Paul said that we are not supposed to be conformed (made like) this world (Romans 12:2).

We are supposed to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). When we think, about things in terms of how they will benefit us rather than looking at them from God’s perspective, then we are in a carnal state of mind.

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What Is Being Carnally Minded?

To be carnally minded is to be governed by the flesh, or the sinful nature. The flesh is a term used to describe our natural condition apart from Christ i.e. the fallen human nature is inclined towards sin and death due to the fall of man.

It is also referred to as the old man in Romans 6:6. If we are not careful, we can easily get caught up in carnality and become slaves to our own sinful desires.

We can also be tempted by the devil and his demons. This is why we need God’s power to help us overcome these temptations (Ephesians 6:10-18).

When you are carnally minded, you do things that go against God’s will for your life and hinder your spiritual growth in Christ. You may even begin to think that doing certain things will make you happy when really they will only cause more problems for you down the road.

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5 Examples Of Carnality.

Below are the 5 common examples of carnality that will tell you if you are a carnal Christian who’s still living in the flesh and needs to change.

  • Self-Centredness.
  • Unbridled Sexual Desires.
  • Covetousness.
  • The Works Of The Flesh.
  • The Pride Of Life.

1. Self-Centredness.

Being self-centered is one of the most common examples of carnality that a carnal person or carnal Christian will manifest in their lives if there are carnal.

The apostle Paul tells us in the New Testament in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 that many people will be self-centered in the last days which is why they will be lovers of themselves.

This spirit of self-centeredness is now commonplace in the society we live in where everyone is all about themselves which explains why many relationships and marriages are not lasting today as most are only concerned with what they can get rather than what they can give.

Love to most people is all about who you are to them and what you can benefit them, period. All this is because of the carnal selfish nature we are all born with due to the fallen nature that naturally makes us selfish and self-centered.

Only when you become born again and cleansed by the blood can this carnal nature of self-centredness be removed for the life that makes you only think about yourself instead of others as well.

2. Unbridled Sexual Desires.

Unbridled or uncontrolled sexual urges or desires for the opposite gender are among the most common forms of carnality that exist in society today which is why sexual immorality and unwanted pregnancies are rampant in the current age we live in.

This is so because many lack discipline and self-control to control their bodily sexual urges and desires of the flesh and just can’t help but fulfill the carnal desires of their sinful flesh when the chance to do so presents itself.

You must remember if you are a believer, the Lord Jesus Christ calls you to chastity and sexual purity which is why we are told in 1 Corinthians 6:18 that we must flee all forms of sexual immorality rampant in our society these days.

Implying that you need to avoid any carnal immoral girlfriend and boyfriend relationships, which are a major cause of sexual immorality among many young unmarried people today.

If you are struggling with unbridled and uncontrolled sexual desires for the opposite sex, you need to pray to God and ask Him to give you the grace you need to bring your body under subjection so that it doesn’t lead you into sexual sin most struggle with these days.

3. Covetousness.

Covetousness is another example of carnality that is common among carnal people with a carnal mind who are not walking after the Spirit but their sinful flesh.

If you are a carnal Christian without the renewed mind of Jesus Christ in you by the Holy Spirit Romans 12:2 talks about, you will be covetous and you won’t be content with what you have.

Instead, you will lust and covert what others have when you should be counting your blessings one by one to see what God has done in your personal life.

God’s word warns us in 1 Timothy 6:9-10 that those who desire and covert riches will fall into diverse temptations and lusts due to the love of money which is the root of all evil that has made many depart from their Christian faith and pierced themselves into many sorrows.

No wonder the Lord Jesus Christ tells warns us of the carnal desire of coveting after riches and material possessions in Luke 12:15 because one’s life doesn’t’ consist of the abundance of the possession one has. Sadly, many don’t just get it.

4. The Works Of The Flesh.

The works of the flesh the bible talks about in Galatians 5:19-21 summarize what carnality is all about and give many examples of carnality relating to the flesh such as murder, adultery, lasciviousness, etc.

A person who’s carnal with a carnal mind that hasn’t been renewed by Christ Jesus yet will exhibit all the above works of the flesh the above bible verse talks about by walking after the flesh by fulfilling its sinful desires.

This will be because a carnal person will always mind things of the flesh and desire to walk after the flesh instead of the Spirit.

The fruits of the Spirit talked about in the subsequent verse of 22 of Galatians 5 will be nowhere to be seen if you exhibit carnality in your life because the new nature of Jesus Christ that makes one walk after the Spirit hasn’t yet been imparted in your life.

So, if you are struggling to overcome the works of the flesh that are causing you to sin in your life even when you claim to be a believer, it shows that carnality is still present and active in your life and needs to be dealt with ASAP.

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5. The Pride Of Life.

Last but not least, the pride of life 1 John 2:16 talks about that characterizes most people today is another example of carnality that is common in many world people and carnal Christians today.

The above bible verse talks about the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and finally, the pride of life that characterizes this world that is not of the Father but the world that carnal people find pleasure in so doing.

When someone tells you that you have the pride of life, that person simply means that you have the excessive and uncontrolled desire for excess greatness, worldly honor accolades, vainglory, and ambition that makes you high-minded and puffed up with pride.

We see this pride of life in many people such as athletes, sportsmen, musicians, etc. who want to pursue worldly honor, greatness, and esteem from men at all costs at the expense of loving God.

But as a believer, you need to shun these things because if you don’t it shows that carnality is still present in your life and that the love of the Father isn’t in you especially if you are still a carnal Christian who’s still in love with this world and the things that are in it.


The above 5 examples of carnality are among many out there that exist in carnal people with a carnal mind who only mind things of the flesh and not of the Spirit. In closing, if this post edified you, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave.

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