5 Major Hindrances To Fulfilling God’s Purpose (To Avoid)

In this post, you are going to discover the 56 main hindrances to fulfilling God’s purpose for your life hindering you from living the meaningful and purposeful life you were meant to live.

Many things in your life can hinder you from living your purpose and fulfilling your divine destiny and this post will show you the 5 main things that are hindering you from fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.

If you are to fulfill God’s purpose for your life, there are many things you need to do and ensure that anything hindering you from fulfilling your purpose is eradicated as soon as possible before it’s too late.

With that said, let’s look at the 5 major hindrances to fulfilling God’s purpose hindering many from fulfilling their destinies with references to bible verses in both the old testament and the new testament.

5 Main Hindrances To Purposeful Living.

Below are the 5 main hindrances hindering many people including Christians from fulfilling their God-given destiny, purpose, and mission in life.

  • Sin.
  • Wrong Associations.
  • Listening To Bad Counsel.
  • Fear.
  • Life Discouragements & Distractions.

1. Sin.

Sin is the number 1 main hindrance as to why many can’t fulfill their God-given destiny and purpose for their lives as sin has severed their relationship with God due to the alienation with God sin brings (Isaiah 59:1,2).

You need to understand that sin is your number one enemy that hinders you from fulfilling God’s purpose for your life as it brings destruction and premature death to one’s life (Romans 6:23).

For example, many have destroyed their destinies all because of the sin of sexual immorality, which you now know, is all too common in today’s society leading to many young people dropping out of school due to unwanted pregnancies.

I can go on and on giving many examples of how sin has destroyed many people’s lives and cut them short. This is why you need to avoid sin at all costs if you want to fulfill your God-given destiny before it destroys you.

So, if you are struggling with any sin be it that of sexual immorality, addictions, etc. that may be hindering you from fulfilling your purpose, ask Jesus Christ to forgive you and to set you free from the bondage of sin. Only then, will you be able to live your purpose.

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2. Wrong Associations.

God’s word in 1 Corinthians 15:33 tells us that we must not be deceived as evil communication will always corrupt good morals. If you are to fulfill your God-given destiny, you need to be wary of whom you associate with.

The reason for this is that there are many destiny destroyers out there sent by Satan to lead you astray and to make you not fulfill your God-given purpose.

How many people do you know have destroyed their lives and failed to fulfill their God-given purpose all because of bad company? I am sure just like myself you know many.

People who are purpose-driven don’t aimlessly associate with anyone for the sake of it. If you are to fulfill your God-given purpose, you need to avoid bad company or associations with sinful friends and friendships that may lure you into sin and ruin your life.

Associating with sinful friends is the worst thing you can do as a believer who wants to live their purpose. Your association must be godly friends who will help you fulfill your purpose and guide you to your destiny through godly counseling and advice.

3. Listening To Bad Counsel.

Believe it or not, listening to bad ungodly counsel from ungodly counselors is also one of the major reasons why many are lost and are unable to find and fulfill their God-given destinies.

The reason why bad counsel hinders you from fulfilling your purpose is that it leads you astray and away from what God wants you to do with your life. May are not living their purpose due to the bad counsel they got from bad counselors not led by God.

The scripture in Proverbs 11:4 that where there is no godly counsel, people fail and get lost but where there is a multitude of godly counselors, there is safety, and people are not led astray.

You need to understand that if you are to fulfill what God has purposed in your life, you need godly counseling that can come from your godly parents, pastors, and godly counselors to guide you in your life.

Godly counselors filled with God’s wisdom will be able to advise you on which paths or career paths in life you need to take and to avoid if you are to live your purpose. That is why good godly counseling is crucial in fulfilling your purpose in life.

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4. Fear.

Fear is also another reason why many fail to live and fulfill their God-given purpose in their lives and this fear comes in many different forms.

And these fears could be the fear of what other people will think if you take an unfamiliar path God is leading you to, fear of the unknown, or fear of being seen differently and fitting into society.

If you are such a person who’s obsessed or afraid of what others will think, you will never fulfill your destiny and you will forever be a slave to the opinions of others.

People who are purpose-driven don’t care about what other people say or think about them as there are too busy living their God-given purpose to water even a second of their lives to what others think.

My encouragement to you is don’t let the fear of what others will think to be the reason why you fail to fulfill your destiny. Remember, as Jeremiah 29:11 tells us, the Lord wants you to fulfill your destiny as He has good plans for you to just do that.

5. Life Discouragements & Distractions.

Last but not least, discouragements in life and distractions are also one of the major reasons why most are unable to fulfill their destinies. You need to understand that discouragements will always be part of life whenever you are trying to live your purpose.

Discouragements can come in various forms, which can be things not going your way, failures, hardships, delayed answers to prayers, etc. that can make you question your faith in God and contemplate giving up.

In such situations, many choose to give up and settle for less than they deserve. Distractions such as social media, bad friendships, etc. are other things that hinder many from stepping into their God-given destiny.

You need to understand that distractions and discouragements from Satan will always be there that will try to hinder you from living your purpose just as he did to our Lord Jesus Christ when he tempted him as we see in Luke 4:1-13.

Never let discouragements and distractions hinder you from fulfilling your purpose and if you are struggling with them, pray for God to give you the grace to overcome them.

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The above hindrances to fulfilling God’s purpose for your life are among many out there listed in the bible causing many not to live their purpose and waste their lives.

My prayer is that after reading this, the above hindrances will not be the reason why you fail to live your purpose and only regret it later in the end when all is said and done.

In closing, if this post has benefited you greatly, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share before you leave. Stay blessed and live your purpose.

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