What Is A True Believer In Christ Who’s Truly Saved?

What is a true believer in Christ Jesus and how do you know you are one? If you are wondering about that question, then this post is for you.

I am sure as you are reading this you have asked yourself the question of who a true believer in Christ Jesus is at one point in your Christian life.

Being a true believer of our Lord Jesus Christ is more than just professing with your mouth as most do, there is more to that as you will find out in this post.

Without wasting much of your precious time, let’s look at our question today,” what is a true believer in Christ Jesus?” That will help you understand what being a true believer is all about.

Who Is A True Believer?

By definition, a true believer is simply a person who has chosen to live for Christ and has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior for their salvation and eternal life (John 3:16) and lives their life for Him.

A true believer or true Christian is a person who is willing to follow wherever Christ goes and is willing to obey His commandments all the time.

Having said that, let’s further look at who a true believer or real Christian is and what differentiates them from a fake Christian or a fake believer without the life of Christ in them.

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1. True Believers Are Truly Saved.

All true believers or true Christians are genuinely saved and born again with a definite salvation experience that makes them new creations in Christ Jesus as 2 Corinthians 5:17 in the new testament tells us.

Implying that if you are a true believer, you will have a memorable and definite salvation experience when you gave your life to the Lord Jesus Christ where everything from that point in your life changed.

However, if you are not a true believer, this definite salvation experience that brings about the new birth and makes one new creation in Christ will be absent. Explaining why you will still be living in your old sinful lifestyle though you go to church every Sunday.

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2. True Believers Live New Lives.

If you are a true believer who has been truly saved and born again with a definite salvation experience, you will live a new life characterized by holiness and righteousness. No longer will you live your old sinful lifestyle.

The new life you will have as a true believer will be as a result of the new heart and new spirit the Lord promises in Ezekiel 36:26 that happens when you become truly saved.

Moreover, if you are not a true believer, you will still live in your old sinful lifestyle as the new heart and new spirit to help you live a new life in Christ characterized by holiness hasn’t yet been imparted to you.

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3. True Believers Don’t Live In Sin.

This is another important characteristic of any professing true believer out there. You can’t claim to be a true believer if you are still living in sin as God’s word tells us in 1 John 3:9 that anyone truly born of God doesn’t sin.

Implying that if you are truly born of God and His seed is in you, definitely you won’t live a life of perpetual sin. If you were addicted to certain sins such as drugs, pornography, sexual immorality, etc. that will no longer be the case.

Only if you are a false believer will you still live a lifestyle of sin even if you go to church every Sunday as most fake believers without the life of Christ in them do all the time.

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4. True Believers Are Holy.

The other mark of a genuine believer who has chosen to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives is that there are holy and live lives of holiness and righteousness that are above sin as the person who’s called them is holy (1 Peter 1:15-17).

If you are a genuine believer and disciple of Jesus Christ, you will certainly live a holy life because Christ Himself is holy and His holy nature is in you that enables you to hate sin as, without holiness, you can’t make heaven (Hebrews 12:14).

Only fake Christians say you can’t live a holy life due to the love of sin still in their hearts but if you are a true Christian with the new nature of Christ Jesus in you, living a holy life that’s free from sin, won’t be hard for you.

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5. True Believers Are Willing To Suffer For Christ’s Sake.

Willing to suffer for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ and your Christian faith is one of the vital litmus tests that will show you are indeed a genuine believer.

The apostle Paul tells us in 2 Timothy 3:12 clearly tells and assures us that all true believers who choose to live godly in Christ Jesus in this present evil world will suffer persecution.

It’s only if you are a fake believer will you be unwilling to suffer and be persecuted for Christ’s sake, which explains why you will easily give up your Christian faith when hardships and persecutions come due to you following Christ.

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6. True Believers Obey Christ In All Things.

Another distinctive mark of a genuine believer is that there are willing to obey Christ in all things and don’t cherry-pick what they can obey or not as most do. Fake believers are never interested in obeying what Christ tells them to do.

You need to understand that if you claim to be a true believer and follower of Christ, you can’t pick and choose what to obey or not. Instead, you will obey all that Jesus Christ commands you even if it’s inconvenient for the flesh to do.

Jesus Christ tells us in John 14:17 that if you are His true disciple who truly loves Him, you will obey and keep all His commandments He’s commanded you to obey.

7. True Believers Live For Christ Only.

Last but not least, if you are a genuine believer filled with the grace of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, you will live for Him only and not yourself.

The apostle Paul tells us in Galatians 2:20 that he was crucified in Christ and that He, not him now lives in him and directs his life. This will be the case with you as well if you have been crucified with Christ.

It means that you will no longer live the way you want to live as if you created yourself. Instead, you will live your life that honors your Master, Jesus Christ, as you know your life belongs to Him.

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I hope the above question on what is a true believer in Christ Jesus has now helped you understand who a genuine believer who’s heaven-bound is.

My prayer is that what you have read above will help you be a true believer that lives a life of righteousness so that you make heaven when all is said and done.

In closing, if this post has helped to be even a more authentic Christian, drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share it with others before you leave. God bless.

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