Importance Of Eternal Life & Why Care? (+ Video Sermon).

The importance of eternal life in one’s life cannot be overstated and this post today will show you seven reasons why eternal life is the most important thing in your life to hold on to at all costs.

Every person who lives on earth has an ultimate purpose. And that purpose is to live eternally. This is the ultimate life goal and the reason why we came to be.

And this article will show you the importance of eternal life and why you need it in your life because when you die you will either be in heaven or hell.

7 Reasons Why You Must Have Eternal Life.

Here are the 7 reasons why you must have eternal life which will enable you to spend eternity with God in heaven when you die.

  • Saves You from Hell.
  • A Gateway To Heaven.
  • Brings Everlasting Joy.
  • Helps You Escape God’s Judgment.
  • Gives You The Crown Of Life.
  • The Most Priceless Gift At Your Disposal.
  • Makes Your Life Whole.

1. Saves You From Hell.

Perhaps, this is the best reason why eternal life is so valuable and important to one’s life as it saves one from eternal suffering in hellfire prepared for the devil and his angels (Mathews 25:46).

Eternal life found only in Jesus Christ saves one from hell because it comes through salvation that is granted to anyone who truly repents and forsakes their sins.

Without everlasting, life Jesus promises on all those who believe in Him, you are destined for hellfire which is the second death where all unsaved people will spend the rest of their eternity (Revelations 21:8).

This is why you must obtain eternal life at all costs and hold fast unto lit because apart from it, nothing in this world be it money or material things can save you from hellfire.

It’s a free gift that’s obtained by grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for you on the cross. You don’t have to pay any cash to have it which is why you have no excuse as to why you must not have eternal life.

Christ already died the heavy lifting by dying on the cross so that through Him you might have everlasting life and be with Him in heaven when you die

Sadly, most people take eternal life for granted and see no importance of it in their lives. Such people think having money and being rich in this world is everything in life but they will find themselves gravely mistaken when they meet eternity beyond the grave.

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2. A Gateway To Heaven.

If you want to make it for heaven on that last day and spend eternity with Jesus Christ, the redeemed saints of all ages, and our Heavenly Father, you need eternal life in your life.

This is because it’s the gateway and key to entering heaven and being in eternal glory with God forever. Without it, you certainly won’t spend eternity with the heavenly Father in heaven.

Instead, you will have to be banished in hellfire with the devil and his fallen angels to share in their eternal suffering with them because you chose to follow them by living a life of sin.

Without eternal life, you are dead in your sins as sin brings eternal death and eternal judgment on one’s life and you don’t have to end up in hellfire when there is already a way out for you.

Remember, you can’t go to heaven through other means as most people erroneously think. You have to go through Jesus Christ, the author, and giver of salvation on which eternal life comes from.

But if you think you are good enough on your own and think can earn your salvation and way to heaven by your good works, you will find yourself gravely mistaken.

Salvation and eternal life come by God’s grace through faith that saves us and not our so-called good works which will never be enough to save us from our sins (Ephesians 2:8,9).

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3. Brings Everlasting Joy.

This is one of the most important aspects of everlasting life as it brings everlasting joy to one’s soul that surpasses all human understanding.

The everlasting joy and happiness eternal life brings on one’s soul is infinite and is new all the time something this world or anyone can never hope to give you.

Its joy cannot be compared with the fake joy and happiness that is found in this world which can’t even satisfy your soul. All you get in this world is misery, suffering, and disappointments.

Sadly, most people have been deceived by Satan into thinking that they can find the long-lasting joy that only Jesus can give in the things of this world and other people.

Such people will never know what real joy tastes like and feels like because they are seeking it all in the wrong places. If you have been such a person, stop seeking joy in the wrong places and focus on Christ the only one who can make you happy in this life and beyond.

And that is why true believers must hold fast to this precious gift of everlasting life because nothing apart from it can give you true joy a human soul deeply yearns.

Other things may claim to give you joy but their fake joy is fleeting and temporal. On the other hand, that joy that comes with eternal life is never fleeting and will continue in heaven and both in the new heaven and the new earth when this evil world passes away (2 Peter3:10-13).

4. Helps You Escape God’s Judgment.

Eternal life makes it possible to escape God’s judgment that will come upon all unrepentant sinners who rejected Jesus Christ in their lifetime.

Since according to Hebrews 9:27, we are all appointed to die once, and thereafter, it’s the judgment that follows. We will all give an account of our lives one day when all is said and done.

Remember, there will be a general resurrection for all people believers and unbelievers alike of which the former will resurrect to everlasting life while the latter to everlasting shame and contempt. (Daniel 12:2,3).

And this final judgment of God will what will determine the eternal fate of every living soul that has ever lived from Adam up to that time and you don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of eternity, dear

Rejecting God’s love gift of eternal life through His son, Jesus Christ is the worth thing you can ever do to yourself and it just shows that you don’t love your soul.

If you did, you won’t reject the begotten Son of God in your life who brings salvation and everlasting life and saves you from the coming great white throne judgment.

This is why you must not reject eternal life by continuing in willful sin that will just bring eternal death and separation from God.

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5. Gives You The Crown Of Life.

To all believers who have everlasting life in Christ Jesus when the resurrection for saved believers of all times takes place, they will be rewarded with the crown of life in heaven.

And this is what makes eternal life so valuable and important in the lives of all true believers who will be resurrected in glory to be with Christ in heaven forever.

The crown of life is just among the many rewards believers will receive in heaven when all is said and done with their earthly lives.

You won’t have this crown of life Christ promises in Revelations 2:10 to all true believers who have been saved by His grace and washed by His blood.

Don’t let anyone or anything in this world hinder you from obtaining this imperishable crown because if you do, you will be very sorry and regret for all eternity for losing such a priceless incorruptible prize.

Instead, you will have to spend your eternity in the lake of fire away from the presence of the Lord as you had no life in you, to begin with as your life was void of Christ.

So, if you don’t yet have everlasting life in your life, you can have it today and right now as you are reading this if you truly repent and forsake your evil ways and accept Christ as your personal Lord and savior in your life. It’s that simple.

6. The Most Priceless Gift At Your Disposal.

It’s just a matter of fact that eternal life is the most priceless gift you will ever have and that’s why it’s the most important thing in your life.

Nothing in this world can equal its value as it’s incorruptible unlike the things of this word which are corruptible and fade in value over time.

But eternal life, on the other hand, does not fade in value or degrade over time because it’s incorruptible and this is the prize worth risking your life for.

Sadly, most, people in this world risk their lives for perishable things and trophies of this world which fade in value over time or get stolen.

They think that the things of this world are the best out there to experience as they are blinded by Satan who doesn’t want them to know that there is something way better than all the things this world has to offer.

But Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:25 encourages us not to risk our lives for the corruptible stuff of this world. Instead, he tells us to run our Christian race so that we can obtain this incorruptible prize at the end when all is said and done.

The imperishable and incorruptible attributes eternal life have is among the reason why it’s the most precious and priceless gift you have at your disposal.

7. Makes Your Life Whole.

Since the wholeness and fullness of life can only be found in Christ which also entails that the everlasting life that comes from Him makes one whole (John 10:10).

The wholeness and contentment you are seeking in vain in the wrong places can only be found in Christ and not in the things of this world another person.

Only Christ can make your life whole and complete. Sadly, most people seek the wholeness of life in the wrong places where it simply cannot be found.

There are like this proverbial Indian deer that seeks for the aromatic scent coming from its body outside rather than looking at itself and realizing that the sweet aroma it’s seeking is already on its body.

Some think their life will be whole and complete if they can only meet that perfect person to complete them. Others think it’s money and the riches of this world but these things cannot fill the void you have inside your soul.

Christ is the only one perfectly positioned to fill that God-sized void in your life to make your life whole and complete.

Without Christ in your life, forget about having a complete life because all the alternatives out there will never make complete or fulfill you.


I hope the 7 reasons above will help you further understand the importance of eternal life and why you must hold fast to it at all costs.

If you realize that you haven’t received eternal life after reading this post but genuinely want to, kindly read this post on how to be truly saved and have everlasting life today.

In closing, if this post was of great benefit to you, kindly share it with others so that they can benefit as well. Stay blessed.

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