7 Reasons Why Good Works Cannot Save Us (+Sermon)

Today in this post, you shall discover the top 7 reasons why good works cannot save us or make us go to heaven.

This is a question most people ask and wonder about as most people think that being a good person is enough for them to be accepted into heaven which isn’t true by the way.

And this article today will show you the major 7 reasons why good works cannot save us, no matter how good they may be. Let’s get started.

7 Reasons Why Good Works Can’t Save You.

Below is a list of the 7 reasons why good works can’t save you or earn your salvation which only Jesus Christ can grant you by His grace and infinite mercy.

  • None Is Good.
  • Sin Needs The Shedding Of Blood.
  • Good Works Can’t Remove Our Sinful Nature.
  • Salvation Is A Free Gift.
  • None Is Righteous.
  • Good Works Can’t Change Your Heart.
  • Salvation Only Comes By God’s Grace.

1. None Is Good.

The bible in Romans 3:9-20 states that none is good and righteous in God’s sight which is why our good deeds will never be enough to save us from sin and its consequences.

Many people think that there is a good person simply by the superficial good deeds they do to other people but what you need to know dear reader is that anyone can do good works when it’s easy and convenient for them to do so.

Another reason why none of us can ever be good enough to earn our salvation by good works is that our good works are tainted with sin and usually have hidden motives behind them.

For instance, most people do good works for others just so that they can be seen that they are good people and to get something in return for their good works.

Just because you give to the poor and do all other charitable deeds to others doesn’t make you a good person automatically as good deeds alone don’t change the disposition of your heart which is deceitful and naturally evil (Jeremiah 17:9).

We are all born with a sinful nature that naturally makes us want to do bad things and this sinful nature cannot be averted by simple good deeds.

This is why none of us is good in God’s sight on our own as God’s standards of good are so high that none of our good deeds can ever meet them as a result of our fallen nature.

2. Sin Needs The Shedding Of Blood.

Another thing why our good works cannot save us is that without the shedding of blood according to Hebrews 9:22, there can be no remission of sins.

Remissions of sins is simply the act of God pardoning and forgiving our sins and this forgiveness of sins is possible because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross.

And it’s this shedding of blood by Christ Jesus on the cross that makes the remissions of our sins possible and since life is in the blood, the shedding of blood was required for our sins to be forgiven and atoned for.

This is why in the old testament, people sacrificed animals on the altar to atone for their sins when they sinned and if good works saved us from our sins, Jesus Christ wouldn’t have to die for our sins nor animal sacrifice needed in the old testament for the atonement of sins.

But since our good deeds can’t remit our sins, someone’s blood was needed for this purpose and Christ was the only perfect sacrifice qualified for this as He had no sin (Hebrews 10:12-24).

No wonder salvation and eternal life can only be found through Jesus Christ as He was the only one willing to pay and atone for our sins by dying on the cross.

Our good deeds on the other hand can’t remit our sins because there is no shedding of blood involved to cover our sins in this case.

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3. Good Works Can’t Remove Our Sinful Nature.

The above reason is among the major reasons why good works cannot save us because our good works don’t have the power to wash and cleanse us from sin.

One thing you must know is that all human beings are born with a sinful nature we all inherited from our first parents, Adam and Eve who fell from grace when they sinned by eating the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden.

And it’s this sinful nature that is embedded in the heart of every man or woman that makes people do all sorts of dab things to each other. This is why there is so much evil in this world.

No wonder when David sinned with Beersheba, he said in Psalms 51:5 that in sin was he conceived and in iniquities was he sharpened as he was repenting of his sin of adultery.

Yes, you can do good works here and there to try to earn your salvation but the thing is that sinful nature will still be present in your life if you are not saved by grace through faith and you will continue doing bad things even if you do good deeds here and there.

This is why one can do good things and still be a liar and murderer at the same time. All this is due to the fact of the sinful nature present in every human being that can only be dealt with by the washing and cleansing of the blood of Jesus Christ at salvation.

That is why John in John 1:29 said Jesus Christ is the only Lamb of God that can cleanse the sins of the world and mankind as He shed His blood for you and me so that our sins can be cleansed and washed away.

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4. Salvation Is A Free Gift.

Another major reason why good works cannot save you is that salvation that brings eternal life through Jesus Christ is a free gift obtained by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8,9).

You can’t buy or earn your salvation by being a so-called good person or by doing good works because salvation is a free gift of God.

Salvation is the greatest God’s love gift He has shown to mankind through many reject it which is sad indeed. Most people think they can earn their way to heaven by their so-called good deeds but they will find themselves greatly mistaken on judgment day.

If you don’t have the salvation that brings everlasting life, you won’t make it for heaven which is full of righteousness because there are no sinners in heaven even if you do good things.

When God send His son to die for our sins, He knew that none of us can earn our way to heaven through our good works because our so-called good works can’t meet His perfect standards.

And if our good deeds earned us our salvation, then God wouldn’t have to send His son to die a gruesome death on the cross for our sins.

By God making salvation available for free through Jesus Christ, He has made it so simple that anyone regardless of status in society can be saved by simply believing in the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly. Isn’t that beautiful?

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5. None Is Righteous.

In Romans 3: 9:20, Paul says that no man is righteous in the sight of God which simply means that none of us can claim to be righteous by our self-righteousness.

According to the Bible, righteousness simply means the act of being right in the sight of God without sin but none of us is without sin as we are all natural-born sinners.

This is why Isaiah 64:6 says that we are all as unclean things and that all our righteousness and good deeds are as filthy rags. Filthy rags in the sense that they are stained with sin.

One thing you must remember is that God can only accept His righteousness in His kingdom and none of us has this required righteousness to qualify for heaven.

Our righteous deeds cannot qualify us for heaven because they are stained with sin which comes from the Adamic sinful nature we are all born with.

But the good news is that God made it possible to have His righteousness fit for heaven through His begotten son, Jesus Christ who died for our sins.

When you become a truly saved Christian by accepting Christ into your life, this righteousness all true believers in Christ have is imparted to you that will now cause you to live righteously and shun sin in this present evil world.

6. Good Works Can’t Change Your Heart.

Another reason why your good deeds cannot save you is that they don’t change the state of your heart. If your heart is naturally evil, you will do evil things whether you like it or not.

We are all inherently evil and rotten inside which is why we do the evil things we do and for us to change, we need that inner transformation of the heart that comes through salvation.

No wonder Jesus talks about being born again so that our old nature of sin we are born with can be replaced with a new Christ-like nature that will make us stop doing the bad things we do and start hating sin.

When you become genuinely saved, you inherit a new heart and a new spirit the Lord promises in Ezekiel 36:26 which will make your life a new life of righteousness and hate your former sinful life.

This is because when you become saved, you essentially become born again and that old nature of sin is completer replaced with the new nature of Christ which comes as a result of the new heart salvation gives you.

It’s this new heart of Christ that will now make you a good person and in this case, your good deeds will now come from a pure heart filled with God’s love and not selfish motives that our natural sinful hearts have.

Remember, it’s the inner nature of your heart that determines your true character and who you truly are as o person. You can do good deeds here and there but if your heart is inherently evil, that evil nature of your heart will reveal itself in due time.

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7. Salvation Only Comes By God’s Grace.

The bible in Titus 2:11 tells that God’s grace that brings salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ has appeared to everyone.

It’s this grace made available after one gets saved that enables one to deny all forms of ungodliness and worldly lusts that one used to walk in.

Without this special grace of God in your life, no matter how good you may try to be, you won’t be able to overcome the power of sin in your life and the sinful temptations Satan throws in your way.

Many people try to be good in their willpower but fall short very often and wonder why it’s difficult to stop certain sinful habits in their lives.

The reason for this is only God’s grace can help you overcome the power of sin and not your good deeds or your trying to be a good person by your strength and efforts.

We are also told in Ephesians 2:8,9 that it’s only by grace through faith are we saved and not by our works lest we should boast.

In short, your good works can’t earn your salvation because they won’t be enough to meet God’s perfect standards required to be accepted, and salvation bridges that gap. So, why be in the bondage of doing good works to earn your salvation?

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These are all the 7 brief reasons on why good works cannot save us I had to share with you in this post and hope it’s has answered all the questions you had in this area

Remember, salvation is a free gift as Christ already paid the price and all you need to do if you want to be saved is believe in His name wholeheartedly and you shall be saved.

In closing, if you found this post useful, kindly share it with others so that they can benefit as well just as you have. Stay blessed.

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