7 Must-Have Characteristics Of A Godly Husband.


There are many characteristics of a godly husband the bible mentions and in this post, we shall look at 7 of these major traits a godly husband possesses to look out for as a godly woman. Marrying a godly husband as a Christian wife is one of the biggest blessings you will have here on …

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Does God Care About How We Dress? (Find Out The Truth.)


Does God care about how we dress as Christians? I am sure you have heard this question several times and this is the touchy subject this post will deal with today. A simple Google search on whether God cares about dressing returns several different results all saying one thing or the other. Some say God …

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5 Main Reasons Why Holiness Matters To All True Believers

Personal holiness is vital in the life of every truly born-again believer who’s on their way to heaven and today we will discuss 5 main reasons why holiness matters to all genuine believers. The importance of holiness in the life of every Christian cannot be over-emphasized as it’s a vital trait every true Christian needs …

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