63 Christian Healing Affirmations (For Good Health.)

healing Christian affirmations

  Christian healing affirmations can be a very powerful tool to help you heal. They can help you to look at the situation from a new perspective. And the 63 positive Christian healing affirmations will help you do just that. What Are Christian Healing Affirmations? Christian healing affirmations are simply scripturally based and backed biblical …

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63 Biblical Affirmations (That Will Transform Your Life.)


  You can find Biblical affirmations for almost anything. This list contains 63 I am biblical affirmations for joy, love happiness, etc. Kindly print them out and tape them to your mirror for daily reminders of God’s goodness in your life. What are Biblical affirmations? Biblical affirmations are simply words or statements rooted in Christ …

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How To Live A Godly Life (In 7 Simple Steps)


  This post will show you how to live a godly life in this present evil world of sin that will help you be ready for heaven when Christ comes to collect His own. Many people wonder whether it’s possible to live godly in this world that is full of sin everywhere you go and …

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11 Traits Of Ungodly People (That Defines Who They Are.)


This post today will show you the 11 traits of ungodly people that all ungodly people exhibit in their lifestyles which is contrary to the bible. All evil and wicked people have certain characteristics that make them easy to identify that are different from truly born-again believers walking in righteousness. And by the end of …

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11 Signs You Are Born Again All True Believers Must Have


In this post, you will discover the 11 signs you are born again that will help you know if you are a genuinely born again Christian with eternal life in you or not. When you get born again, something remarkable happens within you that you have never experienced before that makes you a new creature …

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