5 Major Reasons Why Suffering For Christ Is Vital.


It’s just a matter of fact we must suffer for the Lord Jesus Christ as believers and this post will show you the 5 major reasons why suffering for Christ is vital for Christians. We are told in Acts 14:22 in the New Testament that through many trials and tribulations, we must enter God’s kingdom. …

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5 Characteristics Of Rahab {That Saved Her From Death.}


The story of Rahab, the harlot in the Old Testament is one of the fascinating stories of salvation and redemption, which clearly shows how God can redeem anyone regardless of their sinfulness as long as they fully give themselves to Him. In this post, we will look at the 5 major characteristics of Rahab that …

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How To Truly Know If Someone Is A Fake Christian?


Finding it hard to tell if someone is a fake Christian or not? Then, this post on how to know if someone is a fake Christian is what you are looking for. It’s just a matter of fact that we have a lot of fake Christians and believers in many evangelical churches today, especially in …

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10 Ways Of Overcoming Your Wilderness Experiences.


Are you having a wilderness season in your life and want to know how t overcome it? Then, this post on the 10 effective ways of overcoming your wilderness experiences is what you need. The wilderness experience is one of the most important things you can experience as a Christian as it’s a moment where …

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